Abrakhan Guard with Golden King done

Golden King with his Abrakhan Guard and full command is finished. The trays have been moderately desert-themed: A little static grass, ambigously looking sand/dry earth - no-one knows really, and what looks like dry flag (word? The long grass-like thingies that grows in shallow water close to banks and still coasts) but really is meant to look deserty and dead.

Some progress on the converted Perry Miniatures Mahdist Ansars. An archer and some spearmen photographed in idiotic angles.

Lastly, I was asked about the Gravestone Set (by Renendra Generics) and so, here's a picture:

With the set follows two crows. I will be using mine on my Edheldu Project. Oh, by the way, I got something in the mail yesterday, which I picked up after work. It wuz aaaawesome!

2 kommentarer:

  1. How do you manage to do the static grass stand up so well? (If you can do it so should I..)

  2. From the desk of Mr Llama:

    Thank you for your praise. If there's a lot of short grass I use a ballon! If there's tufts I simply take a small batch between my index finger and thumb and roll it until most of the straws are aligned and then plufs it into the wood-workers glue (PVA).