Black Numenoreans

A last update before silence strikes this blog for a couple of days.

Black Numenoreans, or Mournedain, as they are sometimes called. I made these guys almost three years ago and had forgotten about them.

Shields... in the end I did a more simplistic style - the final results will be posted within a few weeks. Though they've been ready for years now, I don't think they've ever seen a game.

I hadn't started with the crests on the helmets, but they all got one.

This is what you can do with your Warriors of Numenor that end up unused when you buy the Warriors of the Last Alliance box. You can make Black Numenoreans. An interesting thing here is the size: I would bet my left hand that the Black Numenoreans made by GW is roughly twice the size of these (also made by GW)...

Don't worry about the lack of light and high (?) ISO, the pics are old. I do have a few nice companies of Morgul Knights, made by GW, but they are stored in the bottom of my Mordor box so they will feature another day.

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