Edheldu Huorns (WotR-army)

So, as promised, pictures of their faces. The Emerging Edheldu Huorns, sometimes falsely called Dryads, are made out of plastic pieces of the WHFB Wood Elfs Dryads and greenstuff and other things.

And now to something else. Does anybody know when the Hobbit will be released? I've heard December 2012, does that seem probable?

Now, I must go, goodbye-goodbye.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Awesome! Nice blending (or what they call it). And I like that one guy is marked on the forehead (or forrid as we the dictionary in school spelled it).

    Took a while to understand that the face on the guy furthest to the right was close to the camera.

  2. Forrid. Wegetableees.

    Yep, he sure is darn dang close to the camera that one.

    Thank you for your comment, mr FoB - may I ask you if it would be okay to link to your homepage?


  3. Wow, it worked commenting on my own blog! Once again blogger amaze me. Amazing!