Happy Autumn

Happy autumn to all you happy campers out there!

There will be WotR-related updates soon enough - currently working on my secret project AND working (sometimes) so the WotR-ing is a tad slower than normal.

But, fear not, there's a lot of WotR-stuff on the workbench! Until later, I leave you with another classic - also stolen from youtube without giving any credit to the guy who originally uploaded it, because this is the Jaowsblogg! Woooooooh!

2 kommentarer:

  1. Those llamas are just spectacular!

    You might enjoy this: http://www.tacticalfanboy.com/2011/10/27/covert-disguised-weapons/


  2. FoB said: "Those llamas are just spectacuar!"

    Why, yes, they are.

    One is again flabbergasted of the spectacularity of the Llamas (capital L).

    I would have put Covington Glasses(tm) on them if it weren't too much "Egyptian Photoshopping" to put clothing and accessoars on animals.

    AAAAAHAHAHAH! Tacticalfanboy!!! Shit pommes!!!