Huorn for War of the Ring

What rules will it be using? Placed upon a 40mm base I'm thinking it will be an individual monster rather than a filler. I have been using homemade fillers for the Edheldu Wood Elves project and this one would certainly fit as a filler, but I feel this one deserves its own individual base.

Next up is the Stone Guardian, also from Tolkiens world - a Púkelman - who is said, in the stories, comes from the Druadan/Woses of old. Really old. Whatever, I do what I want (said in the voice of Eric Cartman on Jerry Springer).

I will touch it up a slight bit within this week, especially adding some mushrooms to the base to tie it in more with Edheldu and without using the runestones that feature on almost every company-tray. Painting of the fungi/mushroom (ticka, in Scandinavian) on the creature will be done.

Good bye everybody!

2 kommentarer:

  1. That's nucking futts man! Not really, I just needed to say that. It is, however, quite awesomely modded and painted. You should share this with the interwebs betond your blog - at least when you're finished.


  2. Why, fänks, mr FoB. I will perhaps do dis. By switching the N and F of the following statement "nucking futts", you will actually get an f-bomb. Did you know about this?