Isengard army for WotR (smallish)

First of all, I f*cking hate blogger.com - skitpissredigering som inte ens låter en följa normala radbrytningsregler etc. Piss och skit. Här är armén. In English: Here is the army, presented to you by Shithero via shitblogger.

And secondly, fänks for the länken till Perry Miniatures-målningen. Även bra kommentarer. Det bästa med blogger är att det är så otroligt svårt att svara på kommentarer att det är lättare att göra ett nytt inlägg. Men keep those komments komming.



Just wanted a small part of the interweb to know that hithero is a piece of shit! He is a big dork and a besserwisser.

On another note and quote:

Cardalae is a medium sized fuedal kingdom in the farthest of Far East, a part of Middle-Earth that Tolkien never explored except with a few lines here and there: … the lands of Far East Nagadin consisting of Nagadwaith, hot, arid and mountainous. And of kingdoms Agnam Laes, Cardalae and Dalindor, which was more oft called Dale-Marsh. Some blood of the vanyar and blood of the old Numenoreans could still be found in the countires where the blue istari went to never return.

Cardalae (from sindarin cardh – deed or feat – and alae, behold) is a kingdom of ingeniousness and thinking, much like the old Gondor...
...end quote.

Comment on the Kentaur!


Painted centaur...

After a few hours of testing and mixing colours this is what happened:

This is a centaur. The pictures are, as one can sometimes say, shitty. The model looks much better when ocularily inspected rather than interwebbely inspected.

WotR blog update

Hello fellow jaowsers! The jaowsblog has grown incredibolly the last century and is reaching around two people a month! To celebrate this, jaowsbloggen will list coming blog-posts:

- Pictures of ALL jaows-armies
- Pictures of painted centaur

Fänk you alla kommenterare, mycket givande information som givits av er.


Pree-etty gay!

Centaur [ke'ntå-r]... WIP!


Moria Goblin Warband

Part two of the Moria Goblin Warband project.

Still a few stones needed to be glued on the trays as well as a lot of painting etc.