Rohan Royal Guard

Pheew, a few minutes inbetween work and other things, is making this post possible. The falukorv is in the frying pan, the sun is shining, my neighbours in front of my apartment are singing from the quran and the neighbour below is having a barbie with his "extended" family (somewhere along 20 people).

As it is now, I am quite pleased with how the current Rohan army of mine have turned out. But, I couldn't resist the little discounted Mounted Rohan Royal Guard (from figurspel.se). But, if it were to be ever used in a game of War of the Ring, how would I bulk a formation out then? With the help of good old Perry Miniatures, which, of course, are the same sculptors who sculpted the original Rohan Royal Guard. These are from their excellent Sudan range, namely product SB57.

Here's the package that the Rohan Royal Guard came with. Notice something strange?

Lastly, a small part of the Desert Palace project: Sorcerers! Also from Perry Miniatures.

I'm off to kewl stuff, so... good bye!

2 kommentarer:

  1. Are you kidding us? Surely they can't deliver Lotr stuff in a Warhammer pack? Its like they just don't care anymore.

  2. No, I am serial. However, I think this particular package has been laying in the warehouse of figurspel.se since the days of Janne, the former owner. And that's a few years.