Carroccio, a serious story indeed

Indeed. It seems this particular Llama wasn't the only one inspired by our colleague mr FoB's Carroccio (at Flower of Battle). The Perry Brothers has made this one:

This reminded me that it's time to rework the Gondor Cart of Everliving Flame. The Gondor Carroccio:

This project by mr Katastases has inspired me to make a Wain. A Laden Wain, that is. But then the creativity started to flow: Wouldn't it be wonderfully over-the-top to make an Easterling ceremonial wagon instead? With lots of gold and red fabrics and tackiness? A mesh between a Carroccio and the Khandish thingie... ? We shall see, I will first finish the project above by following this clever list:

- Add fabric over the oxen, dress them up. Thanks to the Perry brothers for that idea. Strange how one couldn't figure that one out oneself...
- I will keep the coffin style as a nod to the mortality of men (this whole business with the ruling class of Gondor being more or less obsessed with their own mortality). I thought it could provide further weight to the apperance of the whole contraption.
- The fires I really need to work with. Perhaps they should be put in some sort of silver bowls?
- Crew... how to go about with this? As it is now I really don't know...
- Due to space limitations, there's the possibility the oxen pairs will be placed parallell instead of in line. Will this look too bad?

I know you lot reading this are as bad as myself when it comes to commenting, but seriously, I could really need some input in this matter.

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