Em4miniatures - 40mm bases

So, yesterday it rang on the Llama-cell and I didn't answer. It turned out it was the mailwoman. She had tried to push my parcel from em4miniatures through the ghetto letterbox and things happened and I slept on.
       Anyways, the parcel then had to be fetched from the local store where the post have outsourced a large portion of its business. Whatever. The parcel is here and the bases are great. 40mm bases x5 for 1GBP plus shipping to Scandinavia, which was an acceptable cost. Especially with the very high prices on GW-bases - and not to mention if one buys a GW bag of round bases one gets a bag that includes gay bike bases, totally gay, totally unusable for our fine hobby.

Link to the bases on em4miniatures.

They have a lot of other bases there. Strongly recommend them. Fast, cheap and easy to deal with. They get 5 Llama spits out of 5!

Five Llamas out of five

In other news I can tell I am experimenting with Google documents to upload some of the old .pdf:s released by the big company GeeDubb - the PDF's aren't available anywhere no more so I thought I'd do my bit and try to upload them. It seems there are still things to figure out, but we're getting there.
    And soon Sweden's real National Day is here, Midsummer! So, happy Midsummer all you Swedes out there.An interesting note is that the Americans are now the biggest group that stops by and sighs/reads at this blog. I shall post a little love letter about the USA in the future, a country which got a lot of great things which deserves to get some attention - especially in this semi-communist country of ours! This should preferably happen in the... is it 6th of July - indepence day 1776(?) something something?. Anyways, good day to you all.

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