Erebor versus Misty Mountains

The fourth battle of 100 that will be played this year. At this rate the 100th game will be played in 2051, so I will try to slightly speed it up. Played against mr FoB. He won with the Dwarwes of Erebor. Around 1050 points, lasted five rounds before I conceeded with half my troops left (+50 models left on the table) and he had lost only 4 models. I lost my dragon to the Dwarf Ballista - straight shot to the eye and goodnight. Good night battle plan.

Of course no photos can be found on this blog, I can't say I enjoyed the game as much as wanting to bring out the old Ixus to take some pictures of the goblin failure...

Next fight will be 1250 points, Mordor against Erebor. The grill is already hot and waiting for some tender dwarf meat. Easy win with my excellent Mordor army: Morannon Orcs, Siege bows, Warg Riders etc will be perfect for the table we're playing on (has very little terrain). As it was in this game, the Goblins couldn't really benefit from their mobility, but on the other hand wasn't hampered by terrain versus the large formations... Goblins/Misty Mountains is still my favourite army.

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  1. You sound a little bit overly self-confident...

  2. Sauron is never afraid!

    But seriously, magic is very much needed against the dwarwes, and I think I've got enough of that in my Mordor army - the relatively low points (1250) aren't really a problem with Mordor, even with a couple of good sorcerors there is always room for plenty or Orcs.

    To be totally honest though, I think we'll see a reprise from the first battle :(

  3. Well, that's Llama.

    Here are some pictures of the game: http://flowerofbattle.wordpress.com/2012/06/03/battle-report-war-of-the-ring/ They are however perhaps even worse than Llama's own pictures. I believe its Llama's apartment that's way too dark as my cell phone is usually able to get slightly better pictures.