A Hungarian story

Or is it "An Hungarian story", because the "h" is silent? Ah, well, I say as our dear Eddie Izzard would say: " ... a silent 'g' and a silent 'q' and an 's' and a 'p' and an "e"... " etc.
      Well, back to the story, which I read from a really stupid magazine I found at my workplace yesterday. A Hungarian* writes about the totalitarian state of Hungary in the 60's and 70's:

" ...there were no price increases, instead there were just 'price corrections', 'price changes' or the slightly more ponderous 'adjustment of prices to production cost." Sounds familliar.

And on another note I have finally bit the sour apple/grape and invested a few hundred money on some decent lights, finally I can see better painting been done here. Alas, I spent double the money on dangerous drugs from my dealing neighbour in an effort to better fit into the "hood" as it were, so perhaps the two will equal each other out... we shall see how it goes. No painting or converting will be done these four or five days to come, though...

*) Not the acutal Hungarian writing the story, this is a regular Youtube-hungarian added for completness.

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