A salutation to podcasts

Sorry for spelling mistakes and other errors, there's a minor riot going on in my neighbourhood which takes away some of my concentration.

The wonderful world of podcasts... They help us motivate our hobbies and give us something positive and interesting to listen to. They shine especially when compared to commercial radio, or even more when compared to our dear DDR-radio of Sweden.
    One can of course also watch a tv-serie, for example Futurama or South Park, but that tends to take away some of one's painting concentration.

In later days, the hosts and co-hosts of 40K Radio have started publishing articles - also some of their 'bootas have written an article or two, if I am not mistaken. I can highly recommend those articles, some are about casting (Pirating! Yaaarrrr!) and others about minor luxury problems within our hobby (such as models falling on their sides).

40K Radio. One of the best since the death of Podhammer. Highly amusing once you get used to the American accents.
World's End Radio. Australians that make a great and reliable radio show mainly about the GW-hobbies. A show that recently got even better, in many ways. Highly recommend, a family friendly podcast. Australians also speak the best version of English in my highly objective opinion. Hosts are Luke Retallic and Michael Basc.
     World's End Radio are one of the few big podcasts that have had some good content regarding LotR: SBG and LotR: WotR.
The D6 generation. Mostly about boardgames. A nice little show. Family friendly. The American hosts are Raef Granger, Russ Wakelin (his surname sounds Scandinavian... ) and Craig Gallant. Their accents are not pleasant but one get used to it after a while.
    This is by far the most reliable show of those listed here, when it comes to regular updates.
Meeples and Miniatures. Also a favourite, mostly because of the shows charm and heart. By UK-resident Neil Shuck.

Videocast: UndeadVikingVideos. About boardgames. Also a lot of charm and heart and even more content!

If you're really out of things to listen to, there's always these dead podcasts that still have their material up for download:

Podhammer. Great for a person like me (and hopefully you too) that don't enjoy that much talk about wargaming and warhammer. Funny stories from Jeff & friends' lives intertwined with some wargaming talk.
Chaos-Dwarf podcast. In no way related to anything on this blog, I can still find something interesting in it. I think they have stopped producing shows, though. But the library's still there (2012).

Haven't really listened enough to Bad Dice and the Dice Tower to have something to say about them, but the audio quality is very good, just like with all the examples above - the state of production on all these are spoilingly good.

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