Hobbit releases, December 2014.

Expensive... but with hyper-inflation just around the corner, no-one gave a shit.
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Unemployment, no home, Swish and Roger Miller

Quick update: I am currently seriously unemployed due to natural causes (humanity) and am also void of a home. These parameters naturally have a substantial influence on my hobby. Nevertheless, I managed to get some swish into me and get some hobby done. This project might have gotten coloured (mentally) by my current state of mind, but my fuck is it boring to paint these guys tonight...
    One good portion of news, however, is that I got, as a very fine consolation prize, a daylight bulb which has helped me tremendously in painting, but also screwed me over quite badly: It really shows how crappily painted these guys were. It kind of took the air out of me... but up on the horse again and paint away, away we go, heeey-oooh...

 Daylight bulb! Makes your eyes burn!

Verdigris... first layer. I intend to add the rest of the verdigris in a freehand way, if I can be bothered. It would make it look quite alright, however, so I think I'll eventually succumb to this "need".

The rims on the movement trays are just the first "basecoat", nothing to worry about except it doesn't coat any bases...

The fruit of my labours, soon ready. I need to fix the big 120 mm bases and the 25 mm bases along their movement trays. Since I live on the floor in a workshop I do not have access to my models (miniatures, not women-models) and can't really remember what style I based the Rhûn army in.

This small addition to my Rhûn army has literary taken half a year! Was it worth it? Of course, it is hobby and that is something in itself.

In other news, humanity can go to fuck-offety-land. Heeey-oooh! Oh, and by the way, which nationality do think I am thinking of here?

So, to conclude this fantastically optimistic post: I have been slow on posting since I have been having all the time in the world to paint, model and blog-post due to my easy life as a freeloader.

Also, new follower can be welcomed: Mr Clive!