Age of Sigmar War Turtle-base!

Base 120 mm oval. Face: Not in focus. Beverage of choice when doing the base and taking the shaky pics? Coffee! Obviously!

Yes, yes, the tail is broken off, and yes, yes it's obviously not for Age of Sigmar, it's just something I said to look cool and get more internet friends. But you could easily use it as a Magmadroth, just put something kewl on top of it and paint it red. Voila!

Renendra barells really stand out like a sore thumb if you're lazy like me and avoid puttying them up.

Just reused the parts from the now "defunct" old fastitocalon (it got a one way trip into the wall in one my well-adjusted, Swedish, well-tempered tantrums).

The boat is a test cast that I have filed down to look more like driftwood and like it's been sinking down in the sand for some time. Lots of painting left though. That's what weekends are for, nay?

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