The Hobby in "the current year"

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As have been stated before, this blog is also about parts of my life in Swedistan, so sometimes you'll get these updates. Perhaps they are for venting, I do not know. Read if you want... 

 The hobby in the current year, for me at least, is rather slow. I thought I should make an update as it is uncool to just leave a blog hanging, like so many people do. The Colonel o'Truth's miniature blog is missed by me, it was a really nice blog, but he just abruptly stopped blogging. I remember he had recently moved to a bigger house, IIRC, and then there were some pulpy updates with rockets and mechanized things and then, poff, nothing more...

Reasons for being slow on updates: I have moved to another city again, and still haven't gotten rid of the old place where all my hobby stuff are, and will keep the place as long as I am unsure what happens with the new job. I have also moved three boxes of hobby to a person in Sweden, he got the banana-boxes (each box furnished with three layers or shelves because I have always lived cramped and needed to stow everything away). Each box containing, respectively: All my Mordor-stuff, all the Gondor and Rohan stuff and then some more stuff that I can't remember.

Back home in the small town I still have enough hobby to have a decent game with, but more importantly, all the DIY-stuff is back there as well, which is missed. The new place I live in is littered with crime, there's been numerous shootings and car burnings, but according to the Troyan mayor of London (amongst others), this is apparently part and parcel of living in a big city and so on...

Part and parcel...

GW re-released boxes and rebranded their Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit line, and are now calling it Middle-earth(TM), which is absolutely acceptable. Nothing new except some nice starter packs that can be said nice things about price-wise. Not sure if I care though, being quite lethargic these latest 30-35 years or so, but I suppose that is just part and parcel of living in this part of the world.

Furthermore I have been watching some Better Call Saul and it is quite acceptable. Watched the movie Melancholia and it was tolerable, some nice scenes here and there. She is quite obnoxious that blonde one but hey, ho. 

Tomorrow I have a work-outing with my new colleagues, and it is fascinating how self-sensoring we have become here, when I am already rehearsing what I can and cannot talk about: Pretend to not noticing the annoying beggars, pretend that I am not fazed by the aggressive "youth" that invariably will try to get a raise out of the natives, and pretend that all is just swell after the election that was not at all haram, it was filled with cheating actually... Bischmallah, they say, and keep on with their lives, and I guess the same goes for me. The globalists won this one, again... Part and parcel of living in marxist EU.

The new job comes with a more than acceptable pay-check, but obviously the state needs a lot of money to keep the things I mentioned above going, so the state will take roughly 60-70% of my salary when all is said and done. The work is still "floor level" but in a really nice and wealthy industry, and I am still totally at a loss as how I got it: 

A few weeks before I sent the application I had made a promise to myself to only apply for the lowest shit-tier work that I could find so I at least could get an interview (most mid-level jobs even openly state that "we prefer applicants that are women or of foreign background") because it was unpleasant to get zero responses as my wallet was getting thin, thin enough to become really worried. 

So, despite this promise, I sent the application to this huge company just to annoy the HR-women that would get it. I was really snarky and unpleasant because I at the time was quite gloomy, and still am obviously... Got a call a week later and went through with all their testing and got the job after some time, at a total loss, how, what?! 

Turns out I was hired in one of the more sought-after departments - had I known which department the vapid HR-ladies had tried to fill I had never even applied as a joke... It is strangely discouraging how much randomness applies to important situations. Generally, jobs are not important to me, other more esoteric things are, but this job has reluctantly become important to me - mainly for the economic boost.

The above might sound like boasting, but it is not, this is not a great job for most people that do hobby (you people are generally smart and well educated etc), but for me, living in the unemployment Mekka of Sweden, I was happy. I am not happy now obviously, happiness is a fleeting emotion that lasts at the most a few minutes, but there are less troubles in my life which is positive.

What is so interesting is that I have literally zero lust of any possession. I look at the GW homepage and there is no interest in their merchandize and miniatures. I like classic clothing (not posting about that here, since my llamaesque identity would be in dire straits, but let's just say I prefer clothes made to last) but now when I am getting a decent paycheck for the first time in my life, I am a position where I only want to lay in my bed. At least I have a bed... if I did not have a bed then... no, I realized, I don't even want a bed, even if I had one. I suppose this is what nirvana feels like.