The hobby in 2023

 Blogger put the previous post in some kind of ghey quarantine for some reason -  I suppose there were some words used there which the powers that be do not like, in some form of automatic way. Very unkewl, just like how it is right now. R8 now m8, put a cold 1 on the barbie m8.

GW is not doing much with their IP. This is Elrond, or how Japanesese people would say: Eyjond.



 Hello, fellow hobbyists! I have been away for a long time and I suppose I shall be away for many more moons... Just wanted to say to you that I am alive and still as angry as ever.

The hobby is nice and enjoyable objectively seen, but I can't seem to get over what is happening here in Sweirdo. Perhaps later I will. I have heard that there's a bunch of nice models out there, and perhaps I will look them up.

I watched the movie The Lighthouse - really well made from a cinematographical point of view, but other than that, what an utter shit movie: Degenrate, sick and shitty.

Watched Severance (after hearing about it from RedLetterMedia) and it was awesome. Big risk it will go Lost, and just write itself into the cloaks, but for season one it is greato!

I got a new job which is great. I've got two colleagues that are around 25 years and pretty darn cutie putie and have some nice times there, but otherwise life is shit. Will have to think of a strategy to turn this around, life is not getting better. Sweden is a shithole nowadays, more shit-creatures than humans... At one place they were literally shouting *lluh Ackbar, unironically. Yeah... okay, buddy... Fuck our politicians (sorry, that's against the law now isn't it?)

With these happy words I say to you: Keep hobbying and enjoy life!

Llama, 2022-06-13.


Thats it!

That's it, I'm done with the hobby for now. I don't really feel like I am done with you readers, and the blog, but there's just too much going on that makes me unwilling to do hobby. It has been a lot of fun, especially the years between 2010 and 2014 when I mainly worked at The Brain (the shittiest job in Swedistan) and I did not really wanted to be that very social. Then the blog was perfect, and I remember when being social, BBQ-ing or spending time with co-workers at some god-forgotten place how I missed my hobby projects and blogging and couldn't wait to leave. I even ditched ladies that had expressed interest in me, because I just wasn't into anything - I just wanted to be left alone and do my hobby.


Bye, bye!

But that was then, and it is quite sad to quit the hobby as I feel I have so much more that I would like to do. I just thrashed two of the boats, and I will give away all my armies to another blogger in the sphere (Swedish, it would be too much of a hassle to ship it all somewhere) - I have in fact already rid myself of roughly 35-40% of the assembled and painted models. My backlog is not extreme, but it contains a bunch of super fun projects that I will never get time or motivation to work on.

As a last little truth pill - I have tried to contain myself over the years with those - the main reason why I quit the hobby is due to the massive illegal immigration of people who hate me and my kin. And how is that, you ask? Because: 

1) I have to live in a shit-small apartment because we are over-crowded in this ice-cold little country, and the illegal immigrants get apartments before indigenous Swedes. Small apartment = not much space for hobby.

2) I lose a lot of motivation when I go out the door and see mainly aggressive and impolite and violence-prone young men, and know that I can hardly defend myself from them without getting a massive punishment by the state.

3) There are no longer an abundance of nice, blonde ladies outside, and that is really depressive - we used to have this really relaxed and fun culture here in Sweden, where people actually went out and met each other, and had little affairs etc. But today the few blondes still existing stay inside (for obvious reasons), or they have gotten fat due to the fact that there are roughly 20-25% more young men than there are young women in Swedistan (also, due to immigration, obviously), so they can have the pick of the litter and balloon up - there are a tonnes of thirsty guys that settle for anything.

Also, I hate my job, but I must deal with it, because that's what I could land with my lacking education/edumahcayshun. That is my fault, however. 

It is not a very happy ending to this blog, but I think we could all see it coming from a few miles away. Perhaps I post an update, or if I manage to somehow move to a bigger place I might start up the hobby again. 

Not much has changed, I realize now, as I stated earlier in this post that I "just wanted to be left alone and do hobby", I suppose one thing changed, and that is the unwillingness to even do hobby.

I hope to see you all again, someday! What a fun and uplifting last post, eh!? Just in line with many of my whacky posts over the years!


The year is 2020: Hobby update

Let me first start with a non-sooth-saying prediction: GW is going to go full PC-mode within a few years. It started when the thirsty males let a little purple-haired lady in (which they all probably tried to appease to have sex with, which didn't work, obviously), and now the pink-hairs have flooded in doing various BS-jobs, just look at the Community-page, slowly their bullshit is seeping in. They're going to call for "inclusion" (meaning bullying in people based on pigmentation rather than skill), gender-fluids (lol) to be applied to everything to water it down to ... whatever, not my company... don't care... just a warning.

With that non-inflammatory start, where to begin, what's happened in the hobby of Lord of the Rings? Not too much. Not in the official sense, and perhaps not too much on the blogs and forums, I wouldn't know, haven't read anything. What we do know, however, is that many hobbyists have moved on to other platforms, and I am not really apalled (too little energy to divert for such a strong, female feeling) nor am I troubled (only beta cucks are "troubled" by stuff), but I am a bit...

... annoyed: If most hobbyists go to Zuckerpunch's Faceborg or Twatter or any of the big ones, everyone will guard their tongues and become boring, and idiots will report even models for being "racist" or "sexist" (disregarding that most of the models are portraying men in very unrealistic proportions, which are not a problem for a normal person, but you'd think these idiots doing the reporting could at least try to be consequential) - mark my words: GW will pussify their models in the future, to be more "inclusive".

I did not take a picture of a mannequin in a sports store, I think it was Stadium (not sure if it is an international chain), that was over-weight, because I am not a stupid twitter-guy, buuuut, I would like to share it with you: Now even the mannequins are supposed to be "representative", well, put it in a wheel chair and make it look like Steve Urquel and be done with it, I am not buying your shitty clothes (well, I did actually, hr-hrm, but no more, I tell you! No more!).

Anyways, what's new in the hobby? When checking Forgeworld I had to make a captcha, my computer is so riddled with viruses, miners and whatsnot that this is happening frequently, even on huge webpages, hehehe, time to upgrade. But as I said, Forgeworld has a few expensive and good looking Hobbit releases, but it's more or less standing still. Like GW, and I get it, the LotR-world has its canon, and to make it interesting for most guys you need to be putting out releases all the time...

Personally, I have started a huge project which will eat up most of my time, and I have paused two of my largest time-sinks as well as stopped doing hobby. I do read some novels when I get some free time, or when on a bus or a train, which sadly is happening very often, meaning I have to share space with the aggressive invaders, but I try to go early mornings and rather spend the night at some place to go back the next morning. Unnecessary time spent, but most Swedes, whether they are aware of it or not, have changed their habits something massively since our country fell to the evil globalists... Ladies rarely go alone, and many lady-blondes dye their hair dark (less of a target), not to mention avoid areas which feel "unsafe" (IE many second and third generation male immigrants are congregating there). The list goes on...

Speaking of women and undesirable "men":

Hehe, I think that's what some people think when they see me, or rather what they think when they hear/watch me interact with girls/women... "How in the world are they falling for this guy's crap, he is just being rude?" I don't know why the above image cracks me up so much, hehehehe... "Mickey Mouse"-voice XD I guess he's just a very relatable and charismatic guy just like me lol

And speaking of being a charming d-bag/plain old perv: I met a lady at work, we went out a few times, despite her being ooooold (28-29!) I found her unusally bright personality (and sweet, skinny body) enticing. Especially when contrasted with the fat/boring/nasty/politically correct ladies that you tend to find at my job (except for the immigrant girls which are feminine and generally skinny and young, but they are all 100% taken by their own tribe/men *sad face*). Sadly, when on our first little promenade (this seems to be a common way to interact nowadays, if you are not a tinder-whore) she started talking about how much she enjoyed a certain mega-PC guy which I despise, and I realized: I am becoming like the leftists, totally intolerant of other opinions. Well, not really, but it put it into perspective, how drenched Swedes are, the Stockholm syndrome goes deep! Even this seemingly intelligent lady who is a boss in her little department, couldn't see through the veil of verbal crap and lies.

Well, alright, that didn't pan out, and I really aren't looking for company but she was unusal, or so I thought. More time to not spend on hobby, eh? What I would like to do, if I could find the space and time, would to redo all the ships, make them look less square and boring. The details on the Isengard steamar are nice, I am not going to complain, but the general designs are too boring and look way too homemade. See the hulls above? That's how a 28 mm ship-hull should look like!

Any tips, suggestions? Have I promised to start a certain project and neglecting it - anyone remembers? I don't...

Hopefully I will get some hobby done, but don't count on it, there's just no time for it. I bid you all farewell, and C0r0na-v1rus is bullshit, I got C0vid 19 and had to stay home and watch Family Guy for two weeks, and I have also got into one-sided arguments with two fat Swedish ladies, all eager to please authority, and I just ignored them, the last one had a breakdown after I took her space in the queue after she started to tell me what to do, no I want be directed by some disgusting system-lover go fuck yourself. These system-protectors are just so obnoxious. Yes, yes, I know I am alienating a bunch of readers now, but from my Swedish perspective, we've had a zombie apocalypse for 25 years now and all these authority-cucks have said nothing, because our regime/media have told them to shut up. Now, the combination of them feeling PERSONALLY threathened in combination with authority increasing the feelings of threath/pancic, they all go around and try to be mini police-officers... Fuck off...

And with those bright words, I bid you adieu! Stay safe, wear your mask, consume, flood your country with aliens, take your meds, stay away from people, feel shame for your heritage etc, or rather:

Go to the gym, read, enjoy nature, be proud of your heritage, spend time with family and friends, don't consume too much, save in gold, buy land, become a better person, don't become frustrated/angry like me, find a woman and make babies!


Yearly Wrap-up: 10 years of blogging

Unless I have counted wrong, this is the tenth year of bloggoholism. Many twist and turns in my personal life, the blog has stayed somewhat on track. Many weird posts, some I have deleted because they were a tad to feisty. Made a few entertaining ones. I do not know if I have liked blogging, it has been something I have done to help - or rather, willingly exacerbate - my hobby doings. There were perhaps 10 posts first year, and now, on this tenth year, we landed on 11. The bell curve is complete. The tops are obvious.

Stop reading here if you are having a good day, it is a bit... un-joyous, semi-political stuff, you know, the stuff we all love reading when looking for hobby-stuff.

Thanks to mr J and ms N for this wonderous image.

Many unpleasant things have happened in my life (such is life), and in other peoples' life of course, not trying to be a debbie-downer or cry-baby, and a bunch of interesting and pleasant things have happened as well. The hobby doesn't immediately bore me at this time, but neither do my complete lack of enthusiasm for hobby - and most things - really help me in to get interesting projects done. My tiny apartment that I had to queue for more than 10 years for doesn't help, it is hard to let a project stay on the one (1) table that is both food place, as well as a place for 0-1 guests if there should be any. It also functions as a general work table, with the computer on etc.

It annoys me also, because everything I do in this apartment reminds me of what I am desperately, every day trying to forget: The soft genocide of Swedes. 

That the immigrant next doors came directly from Hazarian territory in Afghanistan (or so he alleges), without "papers" (he is an illegal alien, like many are in this "nation") and was given a thrice as big apartment as myself after a short few months in Sweden, without having to queue, and that this happens ten thousand times over every year in Sweden, effectively locking young ethinic Swedish men totally out from the rental market - not to mention locking us all out of buying your property (the financial institute's property, really), since the rental apartment market is so fucked, which drives the prices up immensly. All these media-fucktards and politicians claims to love immigration but they all are fighting until their claws fall off to not live close to them. They all congregate at the most expensive places, and directly driving prices up everywhere - not just in Stockholm (the shitty capital of Sweden - it used to be acceptable, however), but even in places without jobs!

"Socio-economic" reasons they say. When each and every one that becomes a "newly arrived Swede" will get more money in hand from us tax-payer than tens of thousands of Swedish elderly people, whose pensions are laughingly low. Thanks for building Sweden, now in the bin with you. I could make a list long as the border of Swedistan and still not have listed all the outrageously unjust things that goes on...


This "newly arrived Swede" has friends that comes around, and they are claiming to be 17 (I manage to get information on my hands if one would like to critize the thruthfullness of my info here) and are now going to school with Swedish girls around 14-16 years old. The men are probably around 30-3, but with weirdo Swedish old lefty-ladies manning all the immigration-positions, this is what happens: They say, "Fuck you, I am 17, give me PUT, an apartment and school payment" etc. Fresh and sound. You can probably guess what this does with the crime statistics against 12-16 year old girls in Sweden? It is a form of nation-wide Stockholm syndrome. It is extra annoying as I have been warning against this since even before 2000... I want no part of this, but I am along for this ride straight into oblivion.

This is 1 issue out of a million issues connected to the destruction of my people and country. This and the other million issues that just stays over mine and many other Swedish men's head like an awful, zombie-like shit storm (and maybe it stays over a few females' heads as well, I know not and care not) and this storm is very successful at sucking out all joy of life. I am fighting it everyday, because the evil powers that be shan't have that satisfaction. I shall try to get back at the hobby despite mr Hazarian getting a bunch of free money for no effort, which means he prowls the neighbourhood for children to molest and things to steal and destroy. 

- - -


... a few interesting meetings with fellow hobbyists have been the absolute top of good things coming out the hobby - meeting Scott in Australia, and obviously visiting mr J...

... which I did once more this month... Wihoooo!!!

- - -

Visited my dear friend mr J, which was a very good change of scenery, although there are other problems there - although, in root exactly the same, I would guess.

 ... root, see what I did there, did a funny... We had made a big order that arrived well before I landed, but mr J was strong as steel and did not fall for the temptation to open all the boxes and just go bananas.

He built an undead army, and I built a small Kharadron army, and we whipped up some nice mini-campaign rules and hade a fair few fights. It was quite entertaining I tell you. I managed to get 8 normal dryads painted, as well as 4 more interestingly assembled as some sort of special guys, and this mega-dryad above. Mr J forced me to use contrast paints and OMFGDSDSFASD were they good, basically painted itself. The contrast paints feels like cheating...

The homemade Kharadron ship with the official ship. The flightstand naturally snapped in transit, so mr J provided a mega-strong stick which did the trick. Never really got the time to build crew nor to really fix the painting - wanted to add an anchor, weapons and a bunch of small details but, hey-ho, mr J can fiddly-fiddle with it if he so choses to.

The dryads... I have always found the dryads an excellent kit and it was fun to just get into it. In all I think we must have had 7-8 games of Age of Sigmar and a bunch of games of a homemade boardgame, which name shan't be named here due to IP-reasons lol. We painted a bunch of models and I got to tan myself to a nice ruddy red.

We shall see if the bell-curve takes a weird turn and the blogging activity comes back again, but don't count on it - with the new job (which is why I had to rent this mini-apartment) and other stuff, I am not so interested in it. Again, I have always prided (prodded?) myself with doing the hobby with discipline and for some slight satisfaction of a job done, never really enjoyed it, so I shall have to fire up the old discipline module again. Suspecting the new job takes most of the energy for discipline, and depletes it lol. Abrupt end.


Middle-earth - Forgeworld

Are the new releases from FW new, or are they re-releases?

It matters perhaps little, as I am not overly interested in the Hobbits. Nice models, however. If anyone wonders, this blogpost obviously is a unit filler. Really haven't been blogging as much as I would like, but life gets in the way.

In other another news GW is re-releasing some old models and for some reason (sales-reasons) they keep some items up, even if they are sold out, with a note saying "Sold out online", which is annoying. But that is perhaps not important. What is important is that Colonel o'Truth is back online...


Fricking awesome! Sorry about all the f-bombs last update, but I wasn't really happy with my work week


Life and wargaming fences

Hello, dear readers. I fucking hate my job and 30% of my collegeages - as well as how to spell that word. Annoying as F. Additionally I am annoyed by 100% of Sweden, Swedes and her politicians. But enough about me and spelling:

Fences, for battling mr J! These wicked sick fences are all quite flimsy and lazily painted, but I do hope they will serve their purpose.
Went to see Joker with a buddy of mine. It was actually quite good to be a "super hero movie", and I enjoyed it. Funny that the leftist fuckers want to plaster it as a "incel movie" when in fact it is about lefty Antifa-fuckers... still, it was enjoyable.

In other news, I hate my foreman and would happily pay up to 100 000 SEK to watch him die, but that is probably quite common in Swedistan nowadays... goodbye gamers/fuckers, here's to hoping that 2020 will bring about at least a 100 posts!!!!


DIY Kharadron Ironclad - a lick of paint

Asked mr J what to do aboooot the brightness, and he jovially concluded to tone down the darn metals, which I did. It is looking better now. I might add some verdigris after the metals have been worked a bit more on. Front gun is fine as it is. I will also do some work on the floors, as well as paint and then attach the anchor.

The windows are square but look okay-ish. Might paint them like glass. Perhaps.
Not sure how shiny the propellers are going to be. The exhaust vents really look better on these pictures, IRL they look like exactly what they are, plastic straws (which are not condoned by fucking worthless idiots like the ones below)

I am too much of a Swede to be able to feel hate, but there is something about Hollywood that revolts me, the empty people and the pretentious directors - ugly, toadlike and generally just leeching off of better human beings' ideas. We all know what the ancient Greeks thought of actors. Prostitutes... Which, I suppose they still are.

That is one of the reasons I should repeat myself: This is not an original Llama-idea, but very much copied from GW.

To end on a happy note...


Painting the Ironclad


Many moons ago I friendzoned a lady, she has now steadied herself with a retard of a guy and hence have left all of her former persona behind and taken his as hers, as many ladies do when they find someone dominant enough. Her new guy is insufferable, but so am I sometimes, so it works... Anywho and anyhow, she gifted me with all her paints! I have not shown all of them here as some of them are quite specific and outable, if you get what I mean.


Not sure on how to continue with this thing... verdigris? It feels lazy but would add something... as it is now, it is too flat...

Haven't even started to paint the surrounding dude-dwarfs yet, think I might save it for S.A. - too much at work for now... today I think I made roughly 10 phone calls, received 30-some calls, dealt with at least three or four serious "fires" started by others, and dodged a humiliating meeting as well as dodged my closest boss wanting to eat lunch with me... feck off please, I want at least 20 minutes of peace and quiet... :/


Kharadron Overlords: Ironclad basecoated

Quite the overexposure in this picture, and most of the other ones in this update. But it matter little as it is more important to get a good look at the general construction. In the end, I will try to emulate the official GW paintscheme to try to tie it into the Kharadron-thing - it is also good as it pays a healthy homage to the model I was very much inspired by.

As tradition bides, I started with the metals.

Then I did a warm blue, almost going towards purple as the basecoat for the hull.

And then two more layers of lighter and lighter purple. The exhaust vents doesn't really look like what they are in reality, but in this picture I am only thinking of "Would you like a large or small coke with your McMeal?"
Wow, the front cannon really looks malplacé ici...

... in reality, it looks great, take my word for it, lol...
That is it for now, see you later, people.


Arkanaut Ironclad, primed

Perhaps it is sized more like the Overlord's frigate, but it matters very little. We shall keep calling this project an Ironclad.

Will need to fix the priming with a brush as the can-method had to be done covertly since I now live in an even smaller apartment than previously. Which is quite "interesting" as the newly renovated 4-roomer across the street was given to a "newly arrived" family of 4 from what I assume is Eritrea. I called the bureau that keeps tabs on all registred persons in Swedistan and said - as is our right, still - that I wanted to know when this family moved in there. Got a date a few months after I moved in. Okay, where did the man live before? 

"Nowhere. We have no address, most likely they are 'newly arrived', yes." apparently they did not even go to one of the temporary places you go when you (automatically) get temporary okay-to-stay (TuT) but was immediately placed in a fresh apartment. I had roughly 11 years in the queue to get this place, had needed a few years more if I had wanted anything else than the smallest, most run down apartment (ground floor) known for the sporadic break-ins that happen here. Who do you think pay the rent for the 4-room apartment across the street? If you can spend your days in leisure, walking about and BBQ:ing everyday I do not think you have much time - or interest - to get a job. And this is one example, there are roughly 500 000 more that are equally bad, 500 000 that are many times worse, and perhaps 500 000 that are even worserer as we say.

Let's have some humour to break this shit up...

 It is funny because it is tr... jaja, you've heard it before.

Before priming and before the sticks that hold the fly-balls together were added.

This has to be one of the worst balanced models I have ever made, but for many reasons it has to be that way. The fly stand will likely break very soon which will force me to redo some things, but I will try to ignore that for now and get to painting later next week. This and the next week will be filled with work.

After priming. Sticks added.

While the idea is very much high fantasy I did not manage to get the right GW-look. It will take some time to acklimatize (please help me spell this word) myself with the exaggerated ornamentation of Warhammer: Age of Sigmar...


Kharadron Ironclad - homemade

The construction continues at the Duardin shipyard. It has been enlightening for me to try to emulate Warhammer: Age of Sigmar - or basically just the typical Games Workshop chunkiness. Yes, it is cartoony, and yes the dwarves are huge, and so are some of the details. Not to mention the over-the-top magic engines and the whole steampunkiness which adds no realism. Instead it adds some healthy playfulness, perhaps. Anyway, it has been a nice change of pace, and the chunky boat has gone from a small idea to something that starts to look heavily influenced by the offical models - but still something own, and still with the general "tech" looking somewhat like the original and some of the equipment as passable proxies for the bombs, the guns and mines.

Most of the larger parts of this model is more or less plastic wast, bottle caps and so on... So I am fighting climate hoax. It used to be called global warming, all the ice on Iceland would explode before 2010, and as that did not happen, now they call it "climate change" because the weather is often different...

This little chunky fantasy door was a nice learning experience. It might look like a naval door, something found aboard a submarine, but the GW attention to detail was nice to try to emulate. In the end I had not the patience and simplified it - and as I said in a previous post: One door is enough, no need for one both starboard and the other side.

The pew-pew-pew cannon (model after the hand-cranked multi-barreled guns that was first used (maaaybe) in ACW?) is mounted on a state-of-the-art tower with a huge round railing of cogs that make it turn by handpower. The dwarf sitting inside has a little crank, just like the AA-guns of old had.
You can see the "dumbed down" versions of the fly-balls to the right in this picture. They have much less details than what the proper model has, mainly because if I would do the same amount without copying GW:s model straight off, it would not have turned out okay as it had needed a lot more thinking and planning than I felt like. Instead I filled it with as much details as I could stomach - coming from Lord of the Rings-models - and didn't bother with the huge iron heel which should edge around the two halves of each ball, as there are no welding in Age of Sigmar. I pretended that the Duardin had managed to make it pressure proof in some other way. The metal banding is impossible to keep it together and quite difficult to construct, but who gives a flap?
Added fins that are much less characterful than the real Ironclad. The fins on the original is nice and fancy but I prefer this, especially as I am growing bored with this project and its details.
... speaking of the weather, it has been very warm here in Swedistan. I don't know how hot but enough for me to rather stay at home. Doing hobby was not pleasant as I was too lazy to move my tabletop fan to the table I was working at. Besides, it would have fanned all the little parts down on the floor.
A few weeks ago I had to use mittens and a beanie when going to work. Beginning of July?! Very cold.
Double propeller attached, model now has to sit upside-down to not break. I am dreading how the flight stand will manage... when the fly balls are attached its weight will increase with roughly 30-32%, and it barely stands now. It's the main, bottom fin that makes it difficult to mount it properly.
These are the five drop-bombs that I managed to scrounge up in my bits boxs and drawers. I can only hope they will meld well into the rest of the model so one doesn't give them too much attention as they really could use a lot of work. Work I am not willing to put in. Again, the official model has 6 on each side, three types. One fragmentation, one drill and another one. In the fluff they can be used for various types of mining, IIRC.

Going with GeeDubbs design, but simpler, I settled with a pair of propellers on a single axis, instead of five or ten.

Apparently this image happened to land here, so voila, these guys again. Shoddy rudders.

And this is where I left off last time I posted about this beast.
"Yes, that is correct." the reader said looking at said picture. That's you readers, you are two ladies. That's how I see you in my mind's eye, as they say. Two bored ladies reading about... about... about, I don't know really anymore.

Would it be wise to do a whole army Kharadron inspired by the bad guys from Dune? One of them has a fly-thing...

"You go right ahead, Llama." the readers said in chorus smiling ironically. Okay, that might be a little too much...