Hello, fellow hobbyists! I have been away for a long time and I suppose I shall be away for many more moons... Just wanted to say to you that I am alive and still as angry as ever.

The hobby is nice and enjoyable objectively seen, but I can't seem to get over what is happening here in Sweirdo. Perhaps later I will. I have heard that there's a bunch of nice models out there, and perhaps I will look them up.

I watched the movie The Lighthouse - really well made from a cinematographical point of view, but other than that, what an utter shit movie: Degenrate, sick and shitty.

Watched Severance (after hearing about it from RedLetterMedia) and it was awesome. Big risk it will go Lost, and just write itself into the cloaks, but for season one it is greato!

I got a new job which is great. I've got two colleagues that are around 25 years and pretty darn cutie putie and have some nice times there, but otherwise life is shit. Will have to think of a strategy to turn this around, life is not getting better. Sweden is a shithole nowadays, more shit-creatures than humans... At one place they were literally shouting *lluh Ackbar, unironically. Yeah... okay, buddy... Fuck our politicians (sorry, that's against the law now isn't it?)

With these happy words I say to you: Keep hobbying and enjoy life!

Llama, 2022-06-13.

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  1. Fucking A man, fuck those sub-humans, and fuck Anon - the only help U need is to fend off all that pussy aaaaw yeeeaaaahh!!!!!!!! :D

  2. Wicked A. Ajas, Poland it is, love from Llama ;)