Midsummer is here - summer solstice

All the ladies wear their hijabs or flowers in their hair depending on their ethinicity here in 60% Sweden. A nice balance would be the above lady but that's probably hoping too much.

I say Midsummer but I should probably say eid al fitr, because those celebrations will probably be larger than Midsummer, at least a lot more flamboyant... I have every intention to get invited to one of those parties, they eat a lot of good food, but not even close to the nice stuff we stuff our faces with today: Fish, onion-grass, sour-milk-thing and potatoes. And some people eat fresh strawberries and more good stuff.

Remember the above ^ all you people going on that little protest march "for muh science" a few weeks ago. Climate hystericals. It used to be called global warming, but now that term is rarely used. Instead they started using "climate change", and people being people confused weather with climate and said to themselves: Yes, the media/politicians/tinfoilhat-conspiracy is right, we need to pay more taxes for sake of the environment.

And why all this "hate" for the weather or climate? Because it is Midsummer here in Sweden (well, the summer solstice was a few days ago, but for societal reasons Midsummer is nowadas fixed on a Friday) and the weather is as traditions bides not good: I am longing for a global warming, but it just won't happen, sorry.

Non sequiteur... ^ As you are all very well aware of by now, I have done zero hobby these latest weeks, but I have actually gotten some nice inspiration. I know there's a lot of talk on this blog about discipline being better than a joyful lust to hobby, and I still stand by that sentiment, but after nearly 4 years of only discipline and no joy I can start to see the reason to have fun when doing a hobby.

Something omnious to end the dots I have sprinkled out in this blogpost, on this for my people traditionally very important day... I am not laughing all the way to the ...

... only the wicked last man is.