About Llama

Man, 35-ish years, from Sweden. Used to be your typical run-of-the-mill tolerant Swede but now I am well-travelled instead.

My main purpose of this blog is to show off sculpts that I make. The introduction to this hobby was back in Christmas 2003 - that's Jule-blotet for you pagans - when my brother gave me a Lord of the Rings-starterset. My polite and feigned interest in a mutual friend's new hobby - LotR: SBG - had been mistaken for real interest. At the time I thought it was silly toys. They bored me as well.

Now I have a bunch of armies stowed away in a secret hobby closet since I don't have the time to play any games, my time is spent trying to make the world a better place for myself and also trying to get this new company of mine on it's feet. Think Bambi on ice with two legs shot off.

Llama abroad sometime in 2012, broadening his 
horizons, making him even more intolerant!

Besides the hobby of miniature wargaming and it's different facets, I enjoy the following:

Voyager, the tv-series. Star Trek TNG. Family Guy, American Dad and a lot more serious things which I will not list here because I like sounding pretentious, but I dislike sounding pretentious as Bob Dylan. Fuck Bob Dylan.

Favourite books: Too many to list, but notice how I avoided the word "literature" to sound humble? A few favourite authors include Paul Theroux, Fjodor Dostojevskij (spelling differ from language to language), Lars Gustafsson (RIP in pieces 2015), Ferenc Karinthy the Hungarian Master (RIP also in pieces in the seventies maybe) and Richmal Crompton who wrote the kids books about the rascal William Brown.

I eat a lot of food also, but this is not a recipe-blog so let's all agree that food is good to eat. Best women, speaking of eating (no pun intended - if you find one, please contact me on www.dont-care.se), is obviously from Bangladesh, also known as Bengali women.

 /Llama, 2016.

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