Good day all followers of the jaowsblogg

Good day all happy campers!

A question was asked, or fired at me, rather: The question involved a certain flute-fag and why I had kept both. The truth is, I concluded after counting and checking my available Greek Hoplite miniatures, that I have used only one of the flute-fags, the other one is a misch-masch-hasch of other pieces. So, there you go.

Good bajs


Where is Waldo?!


I thought it was time for some pictures not containing miniatures but real people instead, like this Waldo/Wally-guy.


Calling out to fellow jaowsers

Have the fellow kewl jaowser managed to sort out the Mahdists he won't be using or is the fellow jaowser too busy eating pizza and generally being lazy?

Good day to you sir.


Chinese Street Warriors

Perfect idea for 40k and other sci-fi games. What's the name of these contraptions, though? Something with mono?


Immortal Miniatures' Persians


I thought this was the new Spartans, but it seems its the same old Ancient Greek Hoplites with i tiny twist... Hmm...


Currently, I find the meeplesandminiatures-podcast (google it) to be of amusement. As well as http://www.meeplesandminiatures.co.uk/ which is from the same creator which I think is mr Neil Chuck or perhaps Henry Hyde - someone will correct me on these matters, since the blog is now reaching a whopping 3-4 readers a week.

Podhammer is slowly dying because Jeff Podhammer himself has got a new fiancée or girlfriend.

World's End Radio is great as long as the boring besserwisser (perhaps he is just a bit too young) JJ is not co-hosting, which he sadly does a lot.

Can all you readers give me more nice podcast-tips regarding miniatures, wargames etc.

40K radio is actually quite entertaining though the subject of 40k is revolting to me.