Aaaahahaha, tjugotre sekunder in!

Det här är alltså ett klipp från filmen Cable Guy, med Jim Carrey. Återspelandes en favorit bland nördarna: Den stora fighten mellan Mr Spock och Kirk. Googla på youtube för det klippet, jämför och skratta.


Wood Elf Warband for War of the Ring

Soon to be painted. Primed and ready. Lots of pictures from this project, yes...

The actual trays, not extremely carefully done visavi the edges and holes for the bases to fit in since this proved to be a hassle - perhaps the greatest hassle of all time, I should say.

Cirion, already painted, saved from priming and then returned to his position in the leading company.

Mercenaries, Men at Arms, painting of...



Perry Miniatures - Kordofan Tribesmen

Already released? Or is it just up for pre-ordering? Hmm...

Edheldu Warband: There's a banner to the farthest left of the company in the foreground.

It looks really busy, I know, but when one adds different types of static grass and some bushes etc, it will probably look more plain than busy.


Update on various WotR and mythical creatures


The Wood Elf Warband project.

Soon-to-be minotaurs, sadly WHFB-models.

Great Eagle. Mounted on a remnant of an Elvish structure. A pillar... This model is actually a WHFB Warhawk. Still lots to do on the themed base, which will be enjoyable. Byeeee...

Oh, and by the way, pictures of painted Perry Miniatures Mercenaries (Men at Arms dito) will follow soon.