Khandish Chariots (DIY)

The four homemade Khandish Chariots on this picture here will be thouroghly renovated.

Extensive use of knaedatite (green stuff) will be implemented on the above structures in order to faciliate ocular inspection on said objects; concordedly the objects will be "nice" to gaze upon, in stark contrast to current "Khandish Charioteers" which are, in fact, just plain ugly.

EDIT: Spelling error.


War of the Ring: Edheldu Update

Somewhat better quality...

Still lots to do paint-wise. This has been an entertaining project, and it isn't done yet.

Great Eagle.

The big warband.

Hehe, I noticed that the Ent is hiding from the camera in every photo...


Emerging Dryads

These fellows are emerging from their tree form and is half way through their transformation.

As always, they aren't ready and await static grass and some brushstrokes of paint.

EDIT: A new episode of Podhammer is out! Yippieeee!


Edheldu Army for WotR

Edheldu Army for War of the Ring. Seventy-two percent done. As stated before, I'm using Games Workshop LotR SBG Wood Elves for the major formation and the archers. It's night here, which is why the pictures are the usual jaowsblog-standard... sigh...

The colour scheme is black and blue. Blue is a colour that doesn't go well with green - but 'Eavy Metal painters succeded with the Elrond model in 2003 or 2004 (blue cloak and green "skirt") so I think I can get away with black and blue on a green background (the forest). Note the screamingly blue Wisp (which will be waaaay whiter when done) - which is a nod to WC3, just as the Huntress-inspired dude in the back of the large formation is. There are more but the picture is to crappy so we'll wait with the details on this one.

Funny thing is, you can actually zoom in on certain areas to see the blurr in a more blurry kind of way.

I wish you all a nice weekend!

PS) The commenting system on blogspot is beyond crap, which is why I say this again to mr FoB: Please assemble the rest of your Men at Arms and fix up the Mahdists so I can fix them!

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In anticipation of Christmas

As christmas' closing in I thought it was best to post this video:


Hehehehe... haven't watched it to the end yet, might get out of hand and become unpleasant - the creators are David Firth and a certain Christian AKA Devvo, which means it very well might.


Haradrim and Desert Lion

Got a few minutes free from work so I was able to upload these pictures.

Just some Mahdist Ansar-bodies and some Haradrim Warriors in the background. There's a significant size-difference but I will nevertheless use these fellows in the same unit. Another project will likely be with converted Mahdists only.

Haradrim Desert Lion, can be used as filler or even, if I convert a friend for him, some sort of cavalry unit. Or if I, one day, make a Narnian army for War of the Ring. There's a really nice project on The Warhammer Forum with this theme. Link will follow in a few days when I'm done with work.

Promise of the week: Pictures of the never-ending-story of Edheldu. It will be finished any month now...


Abrakhan Guard Banner Bearer

Finally, and perhaps the first on the internetz to post an image of an Abrakhan Banner Bearer. Geekpoints thorugh the roof there...

The guys in the back company are not done yet, obviously. But now, to work, I shall update in about eight days. Enjoy these unique images so long. So long!


Army get-together photos

Firstly, something I almost never do: Sorry for the really bad pictures. I always do these kind of things when I have nothing better to do and it always happens to be REALLY late at night when it is dark outside. So...

Rohan Army.. Kind of small, have a box of warriors to convert into Helmingas and with the bowmen I'll have enough for a small contingent of archers when combined with those on the photo. Notice the converted Outriders, quite pleased with them.

Misty Mountains. Missing two trolls and lots of work to be done with the movement trays (which will be very entertaining!).

Following are some already published photos of the rest of the armies. Finally got pictures of all my/our WotR-armies - just missing Angmar here. Not doing a Forgotten Kingdoms army, it is just an ally army so... Though in the Edheldu project I'm using rules from that book.

And a last note... the Gondor army has gotten a substantial addition in form of six companies of elite cavalry and probably some more WoMT:s. The Dwarf Holds-army has got quite a bulk as well, including another tray of Vault Wardens. And the biggest expansion happened with the Fallen Realms, but when all that's done I will have to make a whole article-like update because its huuuge :)


Abrakhan Guard Banner Bearer

The Abrakhan Guard Banner Bearer is based on the same half naked Mahdist body from the Perry Miniatures Mahdist Ansars as I used for the rest of the Golden King's guard. It is a simple conversion but it took me almost a full night since I watched the whole season 6 of South Park.

The Warg converted into a lion is a little experiment of mine. I am currently trying to sculpt a whole lion from scratch but it's difficult to do the armature in such a small scale. For me, at least.

Of course the warg design is more wolfish, and hence more canine in its appearence in contrast to a feline creature, which the lion is. The snout of the warg is extended instead of contracted like on cats. Well, it doesn't matter, the whole project look like shit anyway, and so it is perfect for a fantasy setting or with the Greek Mythological Army I am working on (as seen in earlier posts).


Immortal Miniatures' Greek Hoplites - based for War of the Rings rules

Continuing with my massed offensive of updates, I thought I'd show my colleugoueueue (hur man nu stavar till "kollega" på engelska... ) the work I'm sort of doing for him - Mr Ice knows who he is, and he will surely recognize these, though heavily unpainted as it were:

Just couldn't bother resizing them so they are in the larger category of pictures...

America, fuck yeah!

Too many updates and posts? Well here are some more finished units for War of the Ring

Llama's Plague Cart for my Angmar army (well Laes Dim, really) - not sure on which rules to use, probably write some myself.

Barrels, zoomed in.

Necromancer. Upgrade to the cart.


Overview, again... And if someone thinks I'm not aware of the inspiration for this stupid contraption (especially the disgusting person with the hayfork at the back of the cart) I can tell you I am. Stole the idea from GW - though the most came from someone on DakkaDakka...

http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/312924.page#2008442, the person doing this project (which is WAAAY more Warhammery and repulsing than mine :) ... ) is someone called "bubblesflood", and he did it a few years ago.

Mr Green Dragon himself, A K A Dragon of Ancient Times, works as a regular Wyrm in War of the Ring battles.

Side angle on his weak spot (besides I never got to make any wings, too much work) - looks a bit odd...


King's Champion base

The base isn't really ready but I want a whole bunch of other units done to a tabletop standard before going into minute detail. The whole other bunch of units are of course the Greek Hoplites by Immortal Miniatures. Lots of things on those models I didn't like but as a whole they are really good.

But anyway, here's the King's Champion on his new, hopefully more game friendly base (meaning: When lifting the base the BB:s won't fall off).

PS) Noticed in my post about podcasts that I mentioned meeples-and-miniatures twice, naturally I was thinking of view-from-the-veranda - you can probably find it from the meeplesandminiatures podcast homepage.

Golden King with Abrakhan Guard (from Perry Miniatures' Mahdist Ansar)

Some Llama Sloppiness(tm) were used to speed up the sculpting process which is why the painting process took ages.

The bases will be done in an uncharacteristic theming job: Desert, but very toned down, more of the classic cliff desert (which is in fact what most deserts look like).

Upon looking at my paintjob here, I can see lots of flaws and misses, but this is unavoidable unless you want to sit and paint and paint and paint and fix little details - as it is now, it looks well enough on the table.


Blog followers from great Poland, Russia, Australia and the World!

Sorry guys following this blog - I had no idea that there actually are other people than myself and a few (1) other people following this blog. Found out just now that there are people viewing this blog from Russia, Australia and even Poland and France (and of course Americans and British people (brits?)!). So, from now on the jaowsblog will try to be more polite and more engrish-speaking (no more Scandinavian) and most of all: The jaowsblog will not use the F-word. Or F-bomb, as they say on some podcasts.

Anyways, international readers, please say hello in the unmoderated commentaries and spam away!