Games Webshop: Smaug up for release, December 2014

For roughly 3400 SEK you can get this one. For 3400 SEK, if you cared, you could sustain an Indian family of 9 (husband, wife, five kids, mother in law and uncle) for nearly nine months. Of course, no one wants to do that so we'll probably end up saving those SEK:s.
    But would you shell out 3400 SEK for a plastic-plaster model of Smaug? A Smaug that doesn't speak Cumberbatchian?

There are other releases. If you want to support Games Workshop's webshop, you can go to their webshop that is located on the "internet".


Location, location, location!

Off the tracks!

Usually, we say that we are "back on track", but it just so happens in my case, as things have turned out, I am more off the tracks rather than back on them, which suits me well enough. So you could say that I am more on a trek than riding a train. And why is that? Because dog-space-suit:

I would like to place the realtor inside this old Laika space suit. Why is that, some people might ask? Because Laika was the female version of her species, and so is the realtor I am forced to pretend I do not hate. And just like the "female dog" Laika, the realtor would be better off in space. Location, location, location.

So, what is the point of this sweet-sour update? To give some information on how soon we can get some posts on Lord of the Rings and War of the Ring!
     If everything goes well with this apartment-purchase I expect to have a place to live in before end of 2014 and internet should probably be available within the week after I move in. If I get a new job soon enough I might even celebrate with getting some resin stuff - I am expecting a lot of from the last Hobbit release, a lot of weird monsters, stag riding Elves and so on...
    Thank you guys for giving positive comments in a rather annoying period of my life! And remember, if life gives you blueberries, you make stains on your shirt.

Lastly, it is a very high risk that I forget to call the electric company and will be without power during the worst time of the year when it comes to reaching different parts of our communal services: Christmas. So... expect no updates before January 2015!

Edit: Welcome new follower L.T. and also a new blog on the sidebar. A lot of hobby being done on the sidebar here.


Merry X-mas from Games Workshop: Thirteen dwarves for 330 AUD.

You can get the "bundle" for exact the same it cost to buy each pack. There are no savings on www.games-workshop.com, only war and death. I imagine Games Workshop like Gandalf on the bridge of Khazad-Dûm, when someone wants to pass on savings on the customers (and increase the customer base and their spending in the long run): "You shall not pass! Whaaa!"
    And then he breaks the bridge and everybody dies.

Picture from Games Workshop's webshop. Games Wokshop. Games Webshop.
    For the nifty price of 330 AUD you can get 13 models. They are all very characterful. 330 AUD in SEK is 2086. If we change the price back to SEK, they will sell the 13 models for the slim price of  1430. Well, not really, because when I look at GW:s page, it says 1,430 SEK (notice the comma). So, rounding up the "ören" (which we used to call the fractions of a krona, kronor and ören are sort of the pennies and pounds), we can get thirteen models for 1 SEK. Now that's a good price.
     I am sure they meant 1430 SEK.
    Without prices we couldn't buy anything, so be happy that there are prices.