Copper Hills War Wagon

The dwarwen wagon is soon ready for the battlefield.

Basic mock-up. The chariot consists of two big parts which is why it is blue-tacked together (as is the crew). Goats' heads are censored as I have yet to finish them.

Remember that these critters' horns can look very different from one subspecies to another...

... and that the ones that I have sculpted are mere fantasy goats (such as the guy above, surely he is something from Star Wars or Beastmaster). Still, I think I did a satisfying job. It is up to you to judge on Monday, however.

Back of the chariot. Censored mr Driver as he is lazily blue-tacked to the podium (see below for tacky).

All the different leather stuff that the goats need to pull the wagon weren't finished when this picture was taken.

With that out of the way, I am free to dress up in my best housecoat, and then it's off to the nearest bar for a fight with the girl below:

[Image removed, blogger couldn't handle the format, it was the crazy festival woman "fighting" only someone had added lightsabres, quite entertaining]

When I am home again, Saturday, I may or may not post the finished version. But more likely I'll have a painted model ready to be posted here on Monday. Depends, obviously, on how hurt I am after exchanging blows with this beast...


The Spinning Jenny of sculpting...

... is of course the 3D-printer.

Anyone over the age of eleven should be familliar with the Spinning Jenny and the, now near-legendary reactions from the people she made unemployed. However, I learnt about her in a Swedish near-communist school, so I may be wrong, but what I was told is that The People(TM) rallied against the machines and smashed a couple of them and generally behaved like an unwashed mass of people, but the Progress was inevitable, even if the spinners and fabric-makers worked day and night to prove that a machine cannot replace a human hand.

Some people turned to drugs.

We all know what happened, the old school fossiles were made redundant and went on the equivalent of "the dole" (which at the time was called " the Drinking and Stealing" or "Dying of Hunger") and the rest got on with their lives in their newly woven machine-clothes. And then it happened again, in the 60's (maybe), when our Western textile factories moved to Bangladesh and India where the nimble little hands of children and very small women made our textiles even cheaper. Cue H&M, shit-fashion and other bad things, but that is for another blog post...
    My fear today is that sculptors will be replaced with 3D-craftsmen (notice the avoidance of the word "artist") and that all this stuff we have learnt was in vain and that we will have to either go smash all the 3D-printers in the world or just adapt/stop sculpting/go on the dole (yes, Perry's I am looking at you). When will we see sculptors whoring themselves out for cents in an effort to keep up with teens downloading kewl new models and print them at home?
     But then again, I look at my own regular printer and our shaky relationship, which is always a source of annoyance and sometimes even rage (to the great joy of my neighbours). Anyone that has ever worked in an office also know that 89% of the people and women working there has absolutely no clue on how to "fix the printer" - how could we humans ever learn to print our own models en masse if we can't even get the regular printer to work? Maybe the same stupidity that made us smash Spinning Jennies will save sculpting in the future? Who knows.

The future of Europe looks dark.

That's all I had to say on the matter, and with that, I bid you adieu, and until next time, remember that it aint over 'til the crazy guy sings:

PS) Next update will hopefully be the Jarn Mountain War Wagon. Finally something more hobby-related on the blog... But you need to have some text also.


A little link...

... for a good, Saturday laugh. I am working on a big project and a medium sized project and the ketchup-effect is nearing, until then, this little laugh will have to do. Joaquin Phoenix' forehead.

The clip is from Her. A human woman, sort of.
    Again, I will post a sneak-peak of one of my project, answer comments and just generally be a more responsible blogger. Hopefully tonight, already. But probably Sunday.


Guldur War Troll done... and something else...

First off, I just added a few drops of paint and redid the pictures and now it looks like a wholly different creature:

 Less light makes it easier to see that there are more than one brown colour on this model.

What is that "else" that I am alluding to in the title? The Copper Berg War Wagon, of course (some people would falsely call it an Iron Hills Battle Wagon, but that would probably be infringing something or else). Next update will be about that project. 

So, this update is more of a way to say that the next update will be interesting, at least for me. I am feeling slightly proud of the end result of this Dwarf War Wagon. Now I am off to a social obligation however, and tomorrow as well, as was yesterday, so my sculpting time has shrunken significantly...


Painting the Guldur War Troll

He is 50% counterfeit resin Mordor War Troll, 50% homemade sculpey-torso and one hundred percent awesome! Wiiihoooo! The pictures are seriously over-lighted, whatever the "tehcnicall term" is in that department. Over-saturated? Over-saturdayed? I think it is very much over-saturdayed, too much weekend for that guy...

Quite pleased with the look of this guy - he really looks, in my opinion, like the buff troll in the Hobbit 3.

 Well, it is a question of personal preferences I suppose... of taste...

Bad taste, keeping humans company since five billion years ago.


Some of you may remember that the original posture was a lot more like Superman's when he is taking off. I adjusted the model's right arm a few millimeters and it looks a bit better now.
    There are a lot of Guldury details on this troll which I am quite pleased with. One thing it is missing though are rivets! I see that I might have to go back and add those...

Just as I am adding rivets on this project, so it should not be that much of a "hassle". It should prove... "hasslefree". No pun intendendent.

I'll just keep it cool, fix the flopping rivets, drink my water and suck on my toothpick.

Speaking of toothpicks, am I the only llama here that thinks this little lass has lost her piquant tooth-pickiness and started to swoll up like an edgy corpse in an equally edgy Bosch painting depicting a trench-Kökkenmödding?
Who knows... ? Well, this guy does especially not knows, a real human bean and a nuffin-doer:

(Yes, I am eagerly awaiting the next season, hence all these Game of Thrones-related-updates). Abrupt ending.

Edit: If you want to see some really well painted models, click this link to Werner Kellens' blog. I am nowadays unable to comment on anyone with a Google+-bound blog or a wordpress account :( so instead I try to suck up to fellow bloggers with these little maneouvers (maneoaovears?).