Painting the Guldur War Troll

He is 50% counterfeit resin Mordor War Troll, 50% homemade sculpey-torso and one hundred percent awesome! Wiiihoooo! The pictures are seriously over-lighted, whatever the "tehcnicall term" is in that department. Over-saturated? Over-saturdayed? I think it is very much over-saturdayed, too much weekend for that guy...

Quite pleased with the look of this guy - he really looks, in my opinion, like the buff troll in the Hobbit 3.

 Well, it is a question of personal preferences I suppose... of taste...

Bad taste, keeping humans company since five billion years ago.


Some of you may remember that the original posture was a lot more like Superman's when he is taking off. I adjusted the model's right arm a few millimeters and it looks a bit better now.
    There are a lot of Guldury details on this troll which I am quite pleased with. One thing it is missing though are rivets! I see that I might have to go back and add those...

Just as I am adding rivets on this project, so it should not be that much of a "hassle". It should prove... "hasslefree". No pun intendendent.

I'll just keep it cool, fix the flopping rivets, drink my water and suck on my toothpick.

Speaking of toothpicks, am I the only llama here that thinks this little lass has lost her piquant tooth-pickiness and started to swoll up like an edgy corpse in an equally edgy Bosch painting depicting a trench-Kökkenmödding?
Who knows... ? Well, this guy does especially not knows, a real human bean and a nuffin-doer:

(Yes, I am eagerly awaiting the next season, hence all these Game of Thrones-related-updates). Abrupt ending.

Edit: If you want to see some really well painted models, click this link to Werner Kellens' blog. I am nowadays unable to comment on anyone with a Google+-bound blog or a wordpress account :( so instead I try to suck up to fellow bloggers with these little maneouvers (maneoaovears?).

4 kommentarer:

  1. Flipping fantastic paintjob and model! The awesomeness levels and destroying the Awsomomonitor! He is one beautiful troll!

    1. Thanks man! I like your Awesomomonitor :D

  2. The troll turned out amazing Llama. I love it!

    1. Thanks man! Really happy to hear it. I milked him a bit more and made another update, heheh!