Copper Hills War Wagon

The dwarwen wagon is soon ready for the battlefield.

Basic mock-up. The chariot consists of two big parts which is why it is blue-tacked together (as is the crew). Goats' heads are censored as I have yet to finish them.

Remember that these critters' horns can look very different from one subspecies to another...

... and that the ones that I have sculpted are mere fantasy goats (such as the guy above, surely he is something from Star Wars or Beastmaster). Still, I think I did a satisfying job. It is up to you to judge on Monday, however.

Back of the chariot. Censored mr Driver as he is lazily blue-tacked to the podium (see below for tacky).

All the different leather stuff that the goats need to pull the wagon weren't finished when this picture was taken.

With that out of the way, I am free to dress up in my best housecoat, and then it's off to the nearest bar for a fight with the girl below:

[Image removed, blogger couldn't handle the format, it was the crazy festival woman "fighting" only someone had added lightsabres, quite entertaining]

When I am home again, Saturday, I may or may not post the finished version. But more likely I'll have a painted model ready to be posted here on Monday. Depends, obviously, on how hurt I am after exchanging blows with this beast...

4 kommentarer:

  1. Wow, it looks amazing, and very professional!

    1. That is highly encouraging to hear, as it was one of my prereqs for this projects: Making it look less homemade and more pro', as it were. Mould making up next!

  2. Impressive!! Hoping seeing it painted soon.

    1. Happy to hear that! I have finally started painting it!