Catapults ready! Omaha beach and Ukraine!

There has actually been some progress, but it is so small that it can wait. Instead, I give you Tom Sizemore, battling away not in Normandie but in Ukraine. The guy to the left. Found him whilst reding up on the Ukraine conflict, none of the posters in the forum seemed to have noticed the likeness between mr Joe Schmoe Ukraine Freedom Fries and the actor Tom Sizemore.

With Ukraine out of the way, we may concentrate on these Rus warriors. Perfect for Dale, or at least perfect for converting into Dalings.

Pictures are from the Russian web-shop that was a bit difficult to navigate.

Not sure if these have been posted before, but here goes. I am considering what to use as crew - all the models in my possession are currently used in formations and I am not keen on substituting (spelling?) them with fillers.

After I had a small meeting with a very young woman, I concluded the above, in a very Engrish way. She showed off how flexible she was, asked me to feel her thigh muscles, and all went well until she started with the "I am so special, I am pan-sexual and I have this combination of letters that make me special and also, I have PTSD... ". Wut? I was happily caught with my fingers in the cookie jar when her parents returned home three hours earlier than expected. That went well. 
     Despite getting quite the hefty scare, I will, however, not go the way the man below went (very homosexual):

Image from Herr Dryck's katastrofalaomslag.blogspot.se. Used without perspiration*.

Although, he looks a bit like Thranduil... 

... and as such, he looks a bit like me. But I digress, the reason for this post was this link. A Polish guy named Cezzareo that has painted LotR-models really, really well.


Themed Trays: Mirkwood Palace Guard

Finally started with the two trays. The box from Games "Dreyfus" Workshop has only 10 models in it, so you will have to be creative when you try to squeeze out models or placeholders for 16 slots. Two War of the Ring-trays typically means you need 16 models.

I planned this unit quite extensively, as the sheet below the two trays may indicate. I went down the dynamic road, as seen in the Bilbo-movie, where the Elves and Orcs go after the barrel-Dwarves .

I am doing a new and better shield for the homemade Palace Guard captain which was sculpted last year - at the time of sculpting I had not much to go on when it came to the design and sizes of the different pieces, so I find it natural that I consider the model a failure today. I am currently reworking the worst parts of it. A head-transplantation is going on as we speak!
     If anyone is interested on how to make a simple onee-time copy, you can take inspiration from these pictures: A simple template is made with thin paper. A thicker piece of paper (plastic card is not necessary) is then used as the base for the GS. I covered the thicker paper in woodworker's glue to make it more resilient to the GS and the lubricants (typically vaseline, but corn-oil works even better, I have found).

I intend to reply to some comments soon enough, I am having a bit of a trouble with the old belly so I'll just wrap this post up ASAP


Skyrim from another angle

This goes out to mr FoB. The only living man in the Western World that hasn't finished Skyrim yet. Welcome back to the cold north.


War of the Ring - Hyperabridged Rules!

This is a sneak-peak as well as a calling out: I need your input. What are the most commonly fought-over rules that are not FAQ:ed (fucked, ha... hah... ) or errata:ed? Post them in my generous comment section below and let me do your hard work and google away until the issue is fixed without anyone being satisfied.

I want you to picture my hyperabridged version of the rules as the two female humans above: Too young and not especially intelligent - not yet! But, they do have one thing, and that is potential. Instead of how I see the official Rules book of WotR:

Polished enough, but boring and old (the two women above are the same girls as the first picture, time flies when you work on a rules project like this - as you may remember: Women age like milk. The girls on top are 14 years old, and the women above are 35... so... yeah... ).

But why all these annoying happy faces? Because this is the only way I expect to get any input at all on my rules project. The worst part is, when I am done with this shit, I intend to publish a smooth version of Battle Companies... Look at those happy alcoholics and cocainist and whatnot. That's how your life would look if you were female. Still think it's funny to have fun? Well, see below...

I should probably add that I am doing a lot of heavy drugs to even manage to look at this super boring rules project. Hence this minorly confused post. All that aside, here is what I have removed from my abridged PDF:
Please let me know if you want me to add rules for the releases from the Hobbit. Such as the trolls from the movies (like the Catapult Trolls/Master Blasters - see below).

Two old Special Ear-dudes sharing a cigar.

That is all for this evening. Expect an update tomorrow with something more meaty.


High Elf Archers, Lothlorien Sky Chariot and Rivendell Bolt Thrower

It is an Elven kind of update today.

I made a custom movement tray for the DIY Bolt Thrower, which will probably use the Avenger-rules straight off. The Avenger is accurate enough but still unreliable enough to be fun to use for both players, in my opinion - of course, the rules could always be better, but this is a game I play for enjoyment, so I draw the line somewhere.
This is what I started with yesternight. I was sick over the weekend and am just now getting better, so I thought I get this done.

A quick wash, some white silver and some highlights and these guys are ready for the game. They are one of the earlier releases in Games Workshop's Lord of the Rings-line and as such the moulds are very worn down - the mouldlines have not been nice on either the WoMT-sprues nor these... 

Similar angle, but slightly different. Bases and tray not finished.

 In the background you can see some other projects that I have been working on a bit wishy washy.

Here is the crux of this chariot. How to attach the swans to the chariot without actually glue them together; all the pieces are detachable and need to be as such because it would be too much trouble storing them otherwise.

I need to make new wings to the chariot  - I threw away the old chariot and most of the parts. This one works better, but it is still not awesome. It will look better with crew and wings, I hope.
    That's it for tonight. Feels good being back here on blogger... the issue was partly Google+, my own fault (the web-album "leaked") and blogger. Won't ever use Google+ though, so I will not be able to give input on most of the blogs out there, if that was ever a problem for anyone ;)

Welcome follower Dmitry!


I am back!

Wohoo! The issues with blogger has been resolved! Sometimes it pays off being an annoying idiot - not saying I am one, just merely pointing out the slight possibility I might be one.

What has happened these last few months of internet-drama? Not much. I will keep the wordpress-account and the new blog as a remainder of how shitty things can turn, but try to stick to this one. I will back-link from wordpress back to this original one - and I am very happy how things have turned out since it was a mess trying to get the wordpress work as I wanted it.

So, what have I done? Feel free to take a look at my wordpress-blog for a quick update, though it hasn't been much besides finishing Thranduil on Elk... Besides these news I am truly sorry for this womanly turning around and about and changing of heart: I am here to stay!

I made myself a metrosexual cup of ghave, as the cosmopolitan multicultural fuckup that I am. Then continued with painting up mr FoB's boring medievals. Not boring, realistic...

He sent me another 19 guys to paint up...

Took a detour last month and made me some counterfeits. Turns out, not counterfeiting for a year take a heavy toll on your skills... these casts turned out utter crap...

I might have posted this fantastic promise of a sculpt on my new/old blog at wordpress - it doesn't matter... this guy will become some sort of monster for Angband.

These dudes are actually turning out fine, at least when you consider the very little energy I have put into their sculpts. Mirkwood Palace Guard-fillers.

Close up on my piss-poor setup when it comes to resin-copying. Remember folks, Copyism is a religion - and with a Swedish origin at that, would you believe it. It is as serious as Islam or the Spaghetti-religion...

Trying to make a themed tray for my White Council. Not sure how to deal with this tray - the old Council of Wizardry turned out really well when compared to this flat thing... But, with time comes advice...

The two bolt throwers for the split Edheldu/Wood Elves-project. Rivendell got the thing to the left; the High Elf Bolt thrower, and Lorien got the right one, some sort of weird forest-spawn-catapult. The tray is small enough to be counted as a bolt thrower according to the WotR-rules, but it does look more like a catapult.

Again, sorry for moving around the interspace... I will try to stick with blogger from now on.