Catapults ready! Omaha beach and Ukraine!

There has actually been some progress, but it is so small that it can wait. Instead, I give you Tom Sizemore, battling away not in Normandie but in Ukraine. The guy to the left. Found him whilst reding up on the Ukraine conflict, none of the posters in the forum seemed to have noticed the likeness between mr Joe Schmoe Ukraine Freedom Fries and the actor Tom Sizemore.

With Ukraine out of the way, we may concentrate on these Rus warriors. Perfect for Dale, or at least perfect for converting into Dalings.

Pictures are from the Russian web-shop that was a bit difficult to navigate.

Not sure if these have been posted before, but here goes. I am considering what to use as crew - all the models in my possession are currently used in formations and I am not keen on substituting (spelling?) them with fillers.

After I had a small meeting with a very young woman, I concluded the above, in a very Engrish way. She showed off how flexible she was, asked me to feel her thigh muscles, and all went well until she started with the "I am so special, I am pan-sexual and I have this combination of letters that make me special and also, I have PTSD... ". Wut? I was happily caught with my fingers in the cookie jar when her parents returned home three hours earlier than expected. That went well. 
     Despite getting quite the hefty scare, I will, however, not go the way the man below went (very homosexual):

Image from Herr Dryck's katastrofalaomslag.blogspot.se. Used without perspiration*.

Although, he looks a bit like Thranduil... 

... and as such, he looks a bit like me. But I digress, the reason for this post was this link. A Polish guy named Cezzareo that has painted LotR-models really, really well.

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