I am back!

Wohoo! The issues with blogger has been resolved! Sometimes it pays off being an annoying idiot - not saying I am one, just merely pointing out the slight possibility I might be one.

What has happened these last few months of internet-drama? Not much. I will keep the wordpress-account and the new blog as a remainder of how shitty things can turn, but try to stick to this one. I will back-link from wordpress back to this original one - and I am very happy how things have turned out since it was a mess trying to get the wordpress work as I wanted it.

So, what have I done? Feel free to take a look at my wordpress-blog for a quick update, though it hasn't been much besides finishing Thranduil on Elk... Besides these news I am truly sorry for this womanly turning around and about and changing of heart: I am here to stay!

I made myself a metrosexual cup of ghave, as the cosmopolitan multicultural fuckup that I am. Then continued with painting up mr FoB's boring medievals. Not boring, realistic...

He sent me another 19 guys to paint up...

Took a detour last month and made me some counterfeits. Turns out, not counterfeiting for a year take a heavy toll on your skills... these casts turned out utter crap...

I might have posted this fantastic promise of a sculpt on my new/old blog at wordpress - it doesn't matter... this guy will become some sort of monster for Angband.

These dudes are actually turning out fine, at least when you consider the very little energy I have put into their sculpts. Mirkwood Palace Guard-fillers.

Close up on my piss-poor setup when it comes to resin-copying. Remember folks, Copyism is a religion - and with a Swedish origin at that, would you believe it. It is as serious as Islam or the Spaghetti-religion...

Trying to make a themed tray for my White Council. Not sure how to deal with this tray - the old Council of Wizardry turned out really well when compared to this flat thing... But, with time comes advice...

The two bolt throwers for the split Edheldu/Wood Elves-project. Rivendell got the thing to the left; the High Elf Bolt thrower, and Lorien got the right one, some sort of weird forest-spawn-catapult. The tray is small enough to be counted as a bolt thrower according to the WotR-rules, but it does look more like a catapult.

Again, sorry for moving around the interspace... I will try to stick with blogger from now on.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Great to have you back. You have got me reading the War of the Ring Rulebook now,

    1. Thanks! Also, I should add that it seems impossible for me to give you input on your place due to me not having google+! Just wanted you to know that!

      I will later rather than sooner publish my half-assed LotR: WotR-rules booklet, perhaps you could give some input after reading up on the real WotR-rulebook so you can correct my little hyperabridged booklet - it is not a work of love, this project, just a tedious thing to help me get more games in with an opponent that is not overly joyous over rules books.

  2. Svar
    1. Yes, indeed! Glad to have your input here. Also, I like your Avatar ;D That Elrond model is quite nice