Themed Trays: Mirkwood Palace Guard

Finally started with the two trays. The box from Games "Dreyfus" Workshop has only 10 models in it, so you will have to be creative when you try to squeeze out models or placeholders for 16 slots. Two War of the Ring-trays typically means you need 16 models.

I planned this unit quite extensively, as the sheet below the two trays may indicate. I went down the dynamic road, as seen in the Bilbo-movie, where the Elves and Orcs go after the barrel-Dwarves .

I am doing a new and better shield for the homemade Palace Guard captain which was sculpted last year - at the time of sculpting I had not much to go on when it came to the design and sizes of the different pieces, so I find it natural that I consider the model a failure today. I am currently reworking the worst parts of it. A head-transplantation is going on as we speak!
     If anyone is interested on how to make a simple onee-time copy, you can take inspiration from these pictures: A simple template is made with thin paper. A thicker piece of paper (plastic card is not necessary) is then used as the base for the GS. I covered the thicker paper in woodworker's glue to make it more resilient to the GS and the lubricants (typically vaseline, but corn-oil works even better, I have found).

I intend to reply to some comments soon enough, I am having a bit of a trouble with the old belly so I'll just wrap this post up ASAP

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  1. That unit will look very impressive once those trays are done. Corn oil? I never would have thought.

  2. Yep, it works! I am currently trudging away on the tray. Soon time to paint. Sorry for the late reply also!