Treasure maps

I'd like to go on record here and claim that I am one of those loonies that suspect mr "global warmingz killingz" and "wahmen are mistreated always reeeee" died in the 80's and he was replaced by someone else. Or something else! Dun-dun-duuuuun! (exciting sound-thing from 50's b-movies). Just look at the early pictures when his earlobe is loose and on the later ones, when he is no longer gray haired, his earlobes are attached... From a US-gov page: "People believing in one conspiracy tend to believe multiple conspiracies."

So, what's your conspiracy? Today, on Llama's War of the Ring-blog, we shall talk space-aliens and fl@t earth and the cultural decline of Europe and the West in general.

Or not...

Today's highlights will be:


Presented to you:


1) Two nice maps that I picturized when visiting Scott in Australia.

2) The fact that Pewdiepie is somewhat of a national treasure. Thanks to my friend Joshua of S.A. for that. He tried to tell  me in 2016 but I was not having it, mainly because Felix had been pushed so hard on the fronpage of joutoob that I instinctively thought he was awful, and frankly at that time 2013-2014 (around) he was.


He is getting better. Liking hiphop is sad however, but to each their own.

And that's it for today, I have been working to get money (spoiler alert in the hooouusse: It have not worked, I am down on my last shekels here, the work situation is like a fucking joke where I live, and elsewhere you cant find a place to live because of all the 1000000000s of immigrants - when someone always says "move to the jobs" move to your grave I then not say) so I haven't been able to blog or do hobby, but that's fine on a personal level since I have not had any cravings to do hobby. I'd still like to do the boats but meh... 

Memes for everyone:

Just a little food for thought.

I was checking my old updates and I used to write more text, a bit like this update that is basically frustrated ramblings, and actually got a lot of views on these, as if people were actually reading what I typed? Can that be true? Should I go back to rambling more? LET ME KNOW IN THE COMMENTS BELOW LEAF 1 LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE heart-emoticon -heart-emoticon

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In general, in retrospect and in ad hoc, I noticed that my earlier posts were slightly more cancerous, and  that they were sometimes enjoyable, even made me chuckle here and there... they were more whimsical and perhaps i should go back to that, i seem to remember that blogging got some of my annoyances from work out which helped me greatly....