New Hobbit release, Forgeworld

Not sure how new this release is. But still, I shall stray from my tradition of not speak of the honking elephant in the room that is Games Wokshop: They have released some expensive resin models which looks very nice, like most things from Forgeworld (I also have heard that they have good quliaty control as well).

I will obviously not buy anything of this, despite being a huge fan. In case you care, here are my reasons:

1) Too expensive.
2) Don't want to support.
3) I would like to sculpt crappier versions myself.

Reasons why this was not unexpected:

1) Games Workshop had an employment-ad on their webpage, looking for someone doing LotR-stuff for Forgeworld.

Reasons to buy this:

1) You have more money than I do.
2) The models look very nice.
3) You "support" Lord of Rings-merchandise, which may generate more stuff if it is making money.

That is that. Also, I did an update about a boat just before this update. Check it out and leave a comment.

Linky https://www.forgeworld.co.uk/en-SE/Iron-Hills-New-Releases

Finished Hunting Boat

The reasoning behind my design of this boat you can see in the previous post, but a quick recap follows here: The boat seems sea-worthy, despite it being a mixture of a traditional, rather small Swedish boat-type (eka) and a larger boat made for swell-like waves (seal hunting-boat, as can be read about in, for example, Wolf Larsen). Taken into account is also the fact that I want it to be usable in Midgard, which is why I added the luxurious inner shell with integrated "ribs" or frames (spant, in Swedish).

It is not entirely finished here, especially the detailing and some more work on the wood. It will turn out pretty darn okay, I think. 
    After that we will have a boat that is suitable for both historical and fantasy dioramas, battles and as details on bigger ships.

Seal hunting boat. Slightly less curved than mine.



Logistics: The Boat

A fisher-woman needs a small boat to carry her big tits in 
(no pun intended)
Every big ship needs smaller ships to shuttle stuff from deep water to shallow water. Some boats were used for hunting seals, and some for raiding parties. Think Jack London's Wolf-Larsen or Captain Hornblower.

I started by shaping it dick-like, just like the ancient Vikings did.

By the cunning use of bing and duckduckgo and my own experience with Midgard and fantasy I decided on a shape that is more than viable for Middle-Earth.

I then promptly cut myself deep in the thumb and added tape on said finger...

... and then hardened the polymer clay after scoring it in an exaggerated way. This boat is made with mould-making in mind.

Then some more scoring of the "planks" was done, and I am currently adding details and a keel-plank-thingie. Stay sharp you sons of New England and don't cut your thumbs. Or as the internet would say: You're.


Overhaul of Moth Queen and the blog

The overhaul to end all overhauls. Currently shaking with coffee overdose. My fourth cup already.

Hence the blurry picture. Is there anyone out there who remember my early days of blogging? How every picture looked if possible, even worse than they do today? What's interesting with that is at the time I had a setup even. I lacked sunshine at the time, hence the shitty pictures.

But today everything is sunshine: I got this beauty, it's an acrylic lid to put on your vacuum chamber. The vacuum chamber obviously being an overpriced pot. The good thing with having an overpriced, lightweight aluminium pot is that your insurances actually may be valid if you blow it up. Well, not my insurance, but it feels "professional" at least.

I also got some grey polymer clay in the mail. I have used a similar type before, a harder version than the white and pink ones. This looks promising. On my sculpting palette I have, in case anyone cares, the following things:

1) Epoxy putty. Colloquially known as green stuff.
2) Polymer clay. Medium-to-soft. Well known brand is Super Sculpey, but I have access to a few other brands, not that I use them especially often. There's a post somewhere here where I detail their various strenghts and weaknesses.
 3) Iron and copper wire for armatures, artist's cardboard, plastic card and other materials. I have even used soft polystyrene as a basic skeleton a few times (Great Beast of the Plains and the Stone Guardian/Pukelman)

Also, I use vaseline as a release agent when dealing with green stuff. I heard that some guy used ear wax...

 ... eeeew....

And I see now that I have derailed my blogpost entirely, I shall finish the list some other day. Back on track, sunshine and overhauls...

The Circle of Li... Pepe!

So, speaking of now and then, sunshine and rain, and amateur versus professional: 

As Pepe and the slavic guy portrayed, things goes in cycles, the Circle of Pepe as it is known. This poor model got a taste of my extremely well adjusted, adult mood: A one way ticket into the wall, to the joy of all my neighbours (and the shitty wall). In the background, however, we see something that makes us all feel safe again...

Driving a Volvo in Sweden used to be safe...

... because if you look carefully, you may very well see the replacement Fastitocalon, or Dragon Turtle which is the less IP-infringing name. "Less IP-infringing?" I hear you repeat and then continue "When has Llama ever cared about IP-infringement?" Well, from today actually. Notice how I have tidied up some parts on this blog since I am trying to be more... wait for it: Professional! Because that's what you think when you read the rants about shoot-outs, immigration, how women not should vote and how fucking Bob Dylan in the ear should probably become mandatory: Professional.

I hope I spelled that word right.

In conclusion, the professional overhaul is progressing. Painting Moth Queen has taken a few steps back however. I ended up spraying it with white colour from either Citadel Overpriced Cans or Army Painter. Notice how the flightstand is already attached.

It won't hold, I am certain. The thing is too big, which is why I have redesigned it, as you may have seen in an earlier update. More on that subject later.

Speaking of loyal subjects. Read the circled suggestion. Sweden and Google equals "unconditional love", apparently. Rather unprovoced suggestion, I say.

... the natural reaction to such a discovery...

But sunshine! Back to sunshine, not rainy clouds: This is the basic setup at the moment. I am awaiting a sturdy workbench with a lower part to put the big vacuum chamber in, think a postal desk where you weigh your package...

... not that package, heeeey oooooh! Oh, Vladimir Pepe you lovable bastard.

So, let the old Roger say good bye to the new Roger and vice versa, and here's to a somewhat bright future. Or at least more professional. I hope. Well...


D:< Bob Dylan, Nobel Litterature Laurate 2016 >:O

A few days a ago I had a "conversation" with my brother-in-law where I basically held a monolouge about the current Nobel committées' biggest problem: It has been hijacked by dumb leftists and "affirmative action"-women. Like everything else in Sweden. 

Peter Englund, doors symbolically open to stupidity behind him.

Not sure if it started when the quisling Peter Englund - a good author, yes, but still an "ex"-marxist - got the position as the "Invariable Secretary" after the flamboyant, highly educated and intelligent man Horace 

Smartest man in Sweden? Left the academy in time: Horace Engdahl.

Engdahl quit his position (undoubtedly due to the majority of the other's lack of knowledge and education in the committée). 

I shall not dwell on the various fools that has since been awarded a place in the committée, but as the old saying goes: "When females go in, logic goes out the window". And quick as a pie, at that.

It is a scandal! Well, not really, I was expecting something awful from them and in a way I had already written them off as a bunch of idiots. Especially when Harold Pinter was awarded the prize for floundering around a theater and spreading some badly written dialogue around stage...

Quick reminder for the dumb C:s in the committee: "... inom litteraturen har producerat det utmärktaste i idealisk rigtning". It literally says literature NOT FUCKING POP MUSIC LYRICS!

"Get with the time, it is [the current year, we need to rebalance our view on what is literature and how we actually hinder less-fortunate humans to read and appreciate culture. Hence this awesome choice." 

I can only assume is what they would say.

Perhaps it is nowadays not a prerequisite to be literate to get a chair in the committée, that would explain this year's choice: "A catchy tune from a subversive traitor, yeah that'll do, I can't be bothered reading all these 'angry, white, middle-aged men', I am a Swedish feminist, I can't fathom the simplest of logics and arguments. Only feelings."

Let's just reiterate the fact that we men have built this world and that roughly 98% of all great books have been written by a man from our parts of the world. While Bob Dylan is a man, he is not one of us, nor is he a man in any sense, whiny fucktard as he is... (this post is not whiny, by the way, it is merely asserting facts, hr-hrm... )

No, let Bob Dylan, the minstrel get the Nobel prize of dumbneddnessy. And he could really use the money as well. Sir Bob Dylan, I would assume... they give those titles out to anyone nowadays. But then again, maybe they've always done that, considering the shape of all the old "houses" of Europe.

Over-rated, is what I have always said his music was and is. His writing? Don't care, it has nothing to do with literature - even if he may or may not have had someone ghost-write his (very likely) shit-boring biograpy. So, fuck you Bob Dylan, and fuck the entirety of the Literature Nobel Committée!

- - -

A dumb, hot girl that I used to hang with - a real party girl, with absolute zero interest in literature - once said: 

"Why are they giving the literature prize in literatur to a bunch of boring old men whom I've never heard of. I think Bob Dylan should get the prize."


Making bugs, reading Magus Miniatures-blog

Read through post for information.

Shameless plug for mr J:s blog (with hopefully some contribution by yours truly). Just a quick promotion-thingie, I expect to drone on about the subject in some more detail, but life is "having her way with me" (well, not in that kind of way) and I am lacking time, time and time - except during the evenings when everything finally calms down and people finally refrain from calling me. I checked the full phone-history for yesterday (more than a dozen different people and things with a tonne of SMS:es and calls and a bunch of emails) and I remember once upon a time when I was a bit envious of my frenemy* A. who was extremely popular and wanted by everyone - his phone would be ringing constantly, SMS:es and dates and things-to-do. And he knew people all over Europe, Australia and USA which all took a detour up to Sweden to meet him (if they were going to Europe for some reason). I now realize it comes a time in one's life when there's a perfect storm ....

... speaking of storm: The wind is nearly blowing my smallish balcony away, need to go check on that...

Just checking the balcony, armed of course
 with a black powder Colt**

... it's still there, so back to the short story (of my life): So, my friend A. seemed extremely popular at the time and that impression of being needed fed into the popularity-loop in three ways:

1) Especially women found him extremely alluring for the simple reason other people wanted his time. Social proof and all that, which gave him a x10 increase in approaches from women, acquinted and unknown, making him busier.

2) If you have more than two or three people every day that wants something from you (or give something), then the rest of the people that may need some time of you will have to be scheduled (if you have a job or studies, that is, naturally - you won't have this problem if you want to be a shut-in all day). Scheduling people is alluring and people wants what is scarce, it seems.

3) This means you will have less time contacting old friends, less time doing things with other people you want to do, and the impression that you are important just increases, which in turn makes your stocks go up and more people want your time. This means, the moment you finally have free time, there's a queue of awesome stuff to do. If you wanted to, you'd be busy 24/7/365/75 or something like that.

Of course, if you look like a sack of lard, never actually accomplishes something or is no fun being around, the feedback won't happen, how busy you may or not may be playing video games.

I was going to finish this with some sort of analysis but funnily enough I am off to a meeting, in promptu planned today after a couple of phone calls (which was made because some other guy slipped up). What I droned on about this Friday might be obvious to most people, but for a kind-of-an-introvert who can also appreciate social things, this has been a realization. As to my frenemy A. he still lives his hectic life and he is constantly reaping the benefits of it: Completely uneducated, whole-heartedly uninterested in academics, philosophy or any esoteric stuff, he can land very well paid jobs, got himself a sailing boat and an address "to dieeee foooor". Not to mention he is well payed doing what he loves: Networking.

Had my frenemy A. sent this letter, NASA would have 
employed him. Social skills Level 100.

This has been my extremely long winded way of expressing why my blog is slightly less tended to than normal. Lastly, expect some updates by me on the joint-project on the blog Magus Miniatures. Luckily for you, it is only J:s quality updates at the moment, which includes good photos, no political bullshit that makes you angry and a lot of well written texts about Pontic warbands, Gothic levy spearmen, stories and history and hopefully some interesting terrain-pictures following in Decmeber!

Ending with these pictures of an upcoming project of mine. Flying dick-heads? To end this post in a nice little bow, if it was not obvious to everyone, the video portrays my frenemy A. in a rather accurate way. That guy can be described as a cool dickhead. Hipsterism is slowly dying, though, the vid is 6 years old. I feel old, on the inside, though outside I hang with the cool kids (see clickbait picture that I started this post with - hah got ya! Those girls are eleven years old! Disgusting!).

*) I think the term is jokingly refering to the mixture of "friend" and "enemy".
**) In my old place, this is EXACTLY what I sometimes had to do. I am glad that I do not live there anymore, but I sometimes miss it, especially a few weeks ago when I threw a tantrum and destroyed my printer: In the old apartment complex no-one would have cared. Here, they thought it was a murder (of Crows).