Overhaul of Moth Queen and the blog

The overhaul to end all overhauls. Currently shaking with coffee overdose. My fourth cup already.

Hence the blurry picture. Is there anyone out there who remember my early days of blogging? How every picture looked if possible, even worse than they do today? What's interesting with that is at the time I had a setup even. I lacked sunshine at the time, hence the shitty pictures.

But today everything is sunshine: I got this beauty, it's an acrylic lid to put on your vacuum chamber. The vacuum chamber obviously being an overpriced pot. The good thing with having an overpriced, lightweight aluminium pot is that your insurances actually may be valid if you blow it up. Well, not my insurance, but it feels "professional" at least.

I also got some grey polymer clay in the mail. I have used a similar type before, a harder version than the white and pink ones. This looks promising. On my sculpting palette I have, in case anyone cares, the following things:

1) Epoxy putty. Colloquially known as green stuff.
2) Polymer clay. Medium-to-soft. Well known brand is Super Sculpey, but I have access to a few other brands, not that I use them especially often. There's a post somewhere here where I detail their various strenghts and weaknesses.
 3) Iron and copper wire for armatures, artist's cardboard, plastic card and other materials. I have even used soft polystyrene as a basic skeleton a few times (Great Beast of the Plains and the Stone Guardian/Pukelman)

Also, I use vaseline as a release agent when dealing with green stuff. I heard that some guy used ear wax...

 ... eeeew....

And I see now that I have derailed my blogpost entirely, I shall finish the list some other day. Back on track, sunshine and overhauls...

The Circle of Li... Pepe!

So, speaking of now and then, sunshine and rain, and amateur versus professional: 

As Pepe and the slavic guy portrayed, things goes in cycles, the Circle of Pepe as it is known. This poor model got a taste of my extremely well adjusted, adult mood: A one way ticket into the wall, to the joy of all my neighbours (and the shitty wall). In the background, however, we see something that makes us all feel safe again...

Driving a Volvo in Sweden used to be safe...

... because if you look carefully, you may very well see the replacement Fastitocalon, or Dragon Turtle which is the less IP-infringing name. "Less IP-infringing?" I hear you repeat and then continue "When has Llama ever cared about IP-infringement?" Well, from today actually. Notice how I have tidied up some parts on this blog since I am trying to be more... wait for it: Professional! Because that's what you think when you read the rants about shoot-outs, immigration, how women not should vote and how fucking Bob Dylan in the ear should probably become mandatory: Professional.

I hope I spelled that word right.

In conclusion, the professional overhaul is progressing. Painting Moth Queen has taken a few steps back however. I ended up spraying it with white colour from either Citadel Overpriced Cans or Army Painter. Notice how the flightstand is already attached.

It won't hold, I am certain. The thing is too big, which is why I have redesigned it, as you may have seen in an earlier update. More on that subject later.

Speaking of loyal subjects. Read the circled suggestion. Sweden and Google equals "unconditional love", apparently. Rather unprovoced suggestion, I say.

... the natural reaction to such a discovery...

But sunshine! Back to sunshine, not rainy clouds: This is the basic setup at the moment. I am awaiting a sturdy workbench with a lower part to put the big vacuum chamber in, think a postal desk where you weigh your package...

... not that package, heeeey oooooh! Oh, Vladimir Pepe you lovable bastard.

So, let the old Roger say good bye to the new Roger and vice versa, and here's to a somewhat bright future. Or at least more professional. I hope. Well...

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