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Shameless plug for mr J:s blog (with hopefully some contribution by yours truly). Just a quick promotion-thingie, I expect to drone on about the subject in some more detail, but life is "having her way with me" (well, not in that kind of way) and I am lacking time, time and time - except during the evenings when everything finally calms down and people finally refrain from calling me. I checked the full phone-history for yesterday (more than a dozen different people and things with a tonne of SMS:es and calls and a bunch of emails) and I remember once upon a time when I was a bit envious of my frenemy* A. who was extremely popular and wanted by everyone - his phone would be ringing constantly, SMS:es and dates and things-to-do. And he knew people all over Europe, Australia and USA which all took a detour up to Sweden to meet him (if they were going to Europe for some reason). I now realize it comes a time in one's life when there's a perfect storm ....

... speaking of storm: The wind is nearly blowing my smallish balcony away, need to go check on that...

Just checking the balcony, armed of course
 with a black powder Colt**

... it's still there, so back to the short story (of my life): So, my friend A. seemed extremely popular at the time and that impression of being needed fed into the popularity-loop in three ways:

1) Especially women found him extremely alluring for the simple reason other people wanted his time. Social proof and all that, which gave him a x10 increase in approaches from women, acquinted and unknown, making him busier.

2) If you have more than two or three people every day that wants something from you (or give something), then the rest of the people that may need some time of you will have to be scheduled (if you have a job or studies, that is, naturally - you won't have this problem if you want to be a shut-in all day). Scheduling people is alluring and people wants what is scarce, it seems.

3) This means you will have less time contacting old friends, less time doing things with other people you want to do, and the impression that you are important just increases, which in turn makes your stocks go up and more people want your time. This means, the moment you finally have free time, there's a queue of awesome stuff to do. If you wanted to, you'd be busy 24/7/365/75 or something like that.

Of course, if you look like a sack of lard, never actually accomplishes something or is no fun being around, the feedback won't happen, how busy you may or not may be playing video games.

I was going to finish this with some sort of analysis but funnily enough I am off to a meeting, in promptu planned today after a couple of phone calls (which was made because some other guy slipped up). What I droned on about this Friday might be obvious to most people, but for a kind-of-an-introvert who can also appreciate social things, this has been a realization. As to my frenemy A. he still lives his hectic life and he is constantly reaping the benefits of it: Completely uneducated, whole-heartedly uninterested in academics, philosophy or any esoteric stuff, he can land very well paid jobs, got himself a sailing boat and an address "to dieeee foooor". Not to mention he is well payed doing what he loves: Networking.

Had my frenemy A. sent this letter, NASA would have 
employed him. Social skills Level 100.

This has been my extremely long winded way of expressing why my blog is slightly less tended to than normal. Lastly, expect some updates by me on the joint-project on the blog Magus Miniatures. Luckily for you, it is only J:s quality updates at the moment, which includes good photos, no political bullshit that makes you angry and a lot of well written texts about Pontic warbands, Gothic levy spearmen, stories and history and hopefully some interesting terrain-pictures following in Decmeber!

Ending with these pictures of an upcoming project of mine. Flying dick-heads? To end this post in a nice little bow, if it was not obvious to everyone, the video portrays my frenemy A. in a rather accurate way. That guy can be described as a cool dickhead. Hipsterism is slowly dying, though, the vid is 6 years old. I feel old, on the inside, though outside I hang with the cool kids (see clickbait picture that I started this post with - hah got ya! Those girls are eleven years old! Disgusting!).

*) I think the term is jokingly refering to the mixture of "friend" and "enemy".
**) In my old place, this is EXACTLY what I sometimes had to do. I am glad that I do not live there anymore, but I sometimes miss it, especially a few weeks ago when I threw a tantrum and destroyed my printer: In the old apartment complex no-one would have cared. Here, they thought it was a murder (of Crows).

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