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I have decided to close this blog for at least three months. Hopefully I'll be back earlier, and let us hope this blog doesn't die out totally. Please, do take the time in June and check in here to see if there's been anything posted... no need to worry about checking before June... too much BS in real life to have time for hobby.


If the two images above weren't enough to convince you this blog's closing, then this wooden llama should do the trick... a frowny little face, obviously this wooden llama is going somewhere else.

So, with this, I take my leave, but not before posting these unrelated memes and pointless images, for your perusal:

 Dolan Duk!

 ... some Saturday racism...

... and the best and geekiest memes of them all: Compound-memes (no humans were harmed the day the original photo was taken, just to be clear about that).

... that happened when this image was taken... a sad day, but still, someone decided to make a joke out of it...

 Hipster P.B. A.K.A. H.P.B, not to be confused with P.B.R...

 ... which this boy presumably indulged before going on his last trip down the hill. Probably coerced by Disaster girl...
    We continue with this, something to look forward to this spring...

Queen Cersei might be a bit of a deviant, but mr Fire and Ice himself probably got the inspiration from our own decadent civilization... just see below (not a meme, just a "get-off-my-lawn" kind of pet-peeve)

And this is what our great society, the Western Civilization has turned into (via a forumite-friend, thank you **********): A presumably famous American girl knows it all... thank you piss-parents and MTV and the great grand conspiracy of reptilian alien-minority-group-leftist, or whomever is to blame...

... as Neo would put it...But then again, if that little 'un grows into a Little Mermaid hipster, then it is probably all for the best, and in the name of progress... hehehe.... 

Well, that's the last bit of energy I can put into linking these images to each other, please enjoy the 6-8 last ones separately...

 Speaking of conspiracies, though...

Tango-boy over at TMP would be proud of this incoherent image-cackle... but I know at least one reader will appreciate this...


And a baby owl to finish on the melancholic note... Everything has an end, but the sausage has two...


Painting converted horses -> Demigryphs

The demigryphs of Warhammer are nice little creatures, but I didn't fancy buying a box for 410 SEK at the local games store, so I bought another box for 325 SEK, a Celestial Bullcrap, which gave me a bunch of nice little bits for conversions and hobby projects. In this box, these two horses were included, you see. They were normal Warhammer standard, larger than a house, and they fit quite well as a base for a demigryph conversion. For the 325 SEK, I got me a Celestial Bullcrap AND two Demigryphs and bucketload of fun sculpting exactly 182 badly detailed feathers and exactly two (2) beaks. And two tails. And scraping away a lot of ornamental skulls, if that ever was a trend outside Freemasonry...
    The reason to make these were nonexistant, except for a taking a little vacation from War of the Ring. I can probably crowbar them into an army in the near future.

Still haven't found a new job, but the search for a new place is going acceptable. It will be, if all goes well, slightly larger than the current supersmall home now habitated by me, so the hobby can take the place it needs and demands!

Still undecided on what to do with the hooves... so, I started painting them to see how it would turn out. Turns out, these demigryphs are half bird, half horse, half-half-half lion, half superman, half Russian, 50% cop and one hundred percent bird!
   When painting these, my unusally grumpy mood (due to the idiots living in this shit neighbourhood who keeps attacking the Swedes living here) was lifted and a little laugh slipped through my crooked llama-teeth - I was listening to 40K Radio (since there are no War of the Ring-podcast, if anyone wondered... ) and Romeo Filip said the following (go to their podcast-homepage, download show 72, go to 02:23:02[hour: minute: second]):

Romeo: "... super fun game, beers and pretzels, don't take it serious, if you do you're a total douchebag - please enjoy it for what it is."
Kyle: "I think you can do tournaments with it."
Romeo: "Yeah, you can do tournaments - I'm just saying, how uncomfortable would it be if you hate the guy across from you and you're like 'Croootch!' And the other guy's like 'Fiiine, you got me... '"
You cannot laugh when somebody says 'I aim at your crotch and your head', like, if you taking that serious you're like 'Screw you, I said aaarms... '"
[Third guy, what's-his-name?]: [impersonating your typical over-analytic lamer-gamer:] "'The meta predicts you NEVER go for the crotch!'"
Romeo: "'The meta says left arm, left foot, everytime... Obviously, you're not reading up on' - whatever - Bell of Trolls... "

They were talking about some game on this page, where you use cards, like in Drakborgen (BGG it). Anyway, transcribed, looking at their conversation, it looks stupid, but their tones was really funny. Go enjoy and listen while you paint, can highly recommend it for the humour. It's silly, but good.

EDIT: Forgot Scumbag Owl...



Bits exchange programme

A bit of this and that. See what I did there: "Bit".
    Funny "jokes" aside, tonight, we see the meager result, but still quite satisfying (a hungry man will eat anything that's served and like it, if you see what I am trying to convey here... ): A half wolf-creature which I will use to practice sculpting (I will have all the proportions ready and done in one half and can so, hopefully, do the other side with a better result than if doing it from scratch). Also found was a weird creature (just the one side of it) that an annoying kid told me was from Lizardmen (he wouldn't stop bothering me) and three lizardmen I had hopes for, but seeing them now, maybe not... a metal gun from 40K just because I love metal. A wolfpelt cloak, and TWO LotR-models, would you believe it! A little flag and and a faggy plant with a big hole in the middle.
    Woohoo, tomorrow I'll go back and exchange the last half of my crappy WHFB-bits (kept the good parts) for some more usable things. Oh, the tyranid head I was thinking of use as a base for some sort of dragon, but it is mighty big... we'll see in the future...

First test-cast of the Dale-mould. This test shows that I need to cut better passages for the resin to flow. But after that, I'll have a shitload of Daling Archers. Woooohoooo!!!!!!1111one!!!
     To the Dalings' right, we find the horsie-birds. Primed and ready for a lick of test-paint to see what needs to be added to their heads. Please notice how I've tried to un-Warhammer them by scraping away the skulls and other things that were "ornamenting" the armour.

Size comparison as promised waaay back. The Mirkwood Palace Guard Captain (still not fully painted, neither Elrond... ) and lord Elrond de la Rivendell. The captain is a bit taller and his head is approximately 20-25% larger than normal plastic warriors - the reason of course being that The Mahood Ansaar Somalis, by Perry Bros, are closer to 30mm than 28mm.


WHFB Horses -> Demigryph

Or should I say Manbearpig?
      Generally, these kinds of mixed creatures aren't really my cup of tea, but in order to cheer me up in these rainy jobless times, a box of WHFB was purchased - but why WHFB, you then ask? Well, little Billy, because nowadays WHFB is a lot cheaper than LotR/The Hobbit miniatures AND comes with a lot more bits! And chocolate! Plus, I have always liked the majestic - though very high-fantasy - look of the Manbearpigs, no sorry, the Owlbears, no... the Demigryphs, as well as Games Workshop's take on the griffin/gryphon/griphin/griff. When entering the store, I asked myself: What do I really like about this hobby? The converting phase of a project, was my happy answer.
    Hence, I bought a box of the silly Celestial Hurricanum, because it is smack-filled with bits. The store-owner assured me that the horses were quite coveted by the WHFB-community around the store and that I could easily exchange them in their bits-exchange-programme.
   Blah-blah-blah, long story short: The box was filled with beautiful little bits, but I must say this about WHFB: The proportions are closer to 40 mm nowadays! Super-heroic scale! The plastic men that came on one of the sprues were huge, and their hands... wow...

Some minor details will be added and perhaps the eyes will be redone. I shall have to test-paint both heads to see if the small detail really expresses some sort of majesty... rather not just majestic... speaking of which, how good isn't that song? Wax Fang: Majestic.

I kind of like the big hooves so it is uncertain at the moment whether or not lion's paws will be sculpted. They'll get some sort of tails, though, that's for sure.

This project was another one of those "mixing things up a bit"-projects, which I tend to throw in between big army renovations or other large projects.
      Lastly, everything's changing now: Searching for a new (and better) job, a new place to live - this old multiculti hellhole is getting the better of me - and other stuff related to those two things, which is why updates will be slow.

EDIT: Welcome Quindiastudios to the sidebar. The latest projects on the blog in question have been The Hobbit-stuff!
EDIT 2: A link to Joe5mc's campaign in Middle-Earth* which is short and sweet, for now, but I expect great things of this one!
    *) Or should I say, "campaign in Belegaer"?


The Grand Renovation of Harad

This one didn't turn out as the piece of cake I'd excepted it to be. The painting standard was NOT basic table-top: Bare plastics could be seen everywhere on the Haradrim warriors, the "good" tabletop standard on Beruthiel's Guard turned out to look like shit dip-standard... and the list goes on.

The bases and trays will be of a slightly more light version than the other armies, to emulate some sort of barren lands, but still be viable against the other slightly more temperate bases. I have no idea if that last sentence made any sort of grammatical or human sense at all...
    Anyhooo', the Mahûd Raiders are really nice models.

I've still got a few weeks left on the old job, but I have already spiritually left the place, and good on me for doing so, the place is crashing down faster than ever, with lay-offs and worsened work conditions. Hadn't got a pay-raise that matched the inflation since 2009. 
      Goodbye crap-job, welcome endless welfare and khat-chewing and singing like this all day long.
      I am not being serious, as an evil white Swedish man, it is expected of me to work all day and pay taxes so "others" can sit in peace and use the drug of their choice and get endless welfare. 
       I will get a new, better job within a year, I expect - if any Australians read this and need an Excellent Swede* for his demanding workplace in either banking, writing or general security BS, please let me know and I will gladly bribe my way into - ehm, no, I will gladly apply for the job. I have "lots of" integrity.

*) I do not have this on paper.


Pointless Status Update

This update contains nothing with relevance to neither War of the Ring nor our hobby in general.

I am currently trying to get a new job since I finally quit the old one. I also have some other sort of major things to deal with, so I haven't been doing especially much hobby, except for a few nights ago when I skipped sleeping and instead started to redo the bases on the Harad army. Then off to the party which we call life...

... and back again for some zeds and head on the pillow and catching some z:s and having a little bit of a lay-down. Etcetera... (yes, I know "etcetera" consists of two words, but I honestly have very little patience* people who try to impress me with their one and only little nugget of Latin-knowledge... ). This text suggest I should probably sleep some more. Good night.

*) Euphemism for "dislikes greatly".