The Grand Renovation of Harad

This one didn't turn out as the piece of cake I'd excepted it to be. The painting standard was NOT basic table-top: Bare plastics could be seen everywhere on the Haradrim warriors, the "good" tabletop standard on Beruthiel's Guard turned out to look like shit dip-standard... and the list goes on.

The bases and trays will be of a slightly more light version than the other armies, to emulate some sort of barren lands, but still be viable against the other slightly more temperate bases. I have no idea if that last sentence made any sort of grammatical or human sense at all...
    Anyhooo', the Mahûd Raiders are really nice models.

I've still got a few weeks left on the old job, but I have already spiritually left the place, and good on me for doing so, the place is crashing down faster than ever, with lay-offs and worsened work conditions. Hadn't got a pay-raise that matched the inflation since 2009. 
      Goodbye crap-job, welcome endless welfare and khat-chewing and singing like this all day long.
      I am not being serious, as an evil white Swedish man, it is expected of me to work all day and pay taxes so "others" can sit in peace and use the drug of their choice and get endless welfare. 
       I will get a new, better job within a year, I expect - if any Australians read this and need an Excellent Swede* for his demanding workplace in either banking, writing or general security BS, please let me know and I will gladly bribe my way into - ehm, no, I will gladly apply for the job. I have "lots of" integrity.

*) I do not have this on paper.

2 kommentarer:

  1. That's quite a hoard you have there.

  2. There's in fact also a "golden horde"* somewhere in there! The Abrakhan Guard are sweet models, but oh so expensive, so I did a lot of conversions and a golden horde - or if it is called hoard... :)

    *) In the WotR-rulebook I remember reading something about putting down a token which makes some of the warriors fight harder, in order to retrieve the gold or defend it or something.