Bits exchange programme

A bit of this and that. See what I did there: "Bit".
    Funny "jokes" aside, tonight, we see the meager result, but still quite satisfying (a hungry man will eat anything that's served and like it, if you see what I am trying to convey here... ): A half wolf-creature which I will use to practice sculpting (I will have all the proportions ready and done in one half and can so, hopefully, do the other side with a better result than if doing it from scratch). Also found was a weird creature (just the one side of it) that an annoying kid told me was from Lizardmen (he wouldn't stop bothering me) and three lizardmen I had hopes for, but seeing them now, maybe not... a metal gun from 40K just because I love metal. A wolfpelt cloak, and TWO LotR-models, would you believe it! A little flag and and a faggy plant with a big hole in the middle.
    Woohoo, tomorrow I'll go back and exchange the last half of my crappy WHFB-bits (kept the good parts) for some more usable things. Oh, the tyranid head I was thinking of use as a base for some sort of dragon, but it is mighty big... we'll see in the future...

First test-cast of the Dale-mould. This test shows that I need to cut better passages for the resin to flow. But after that, I'll have a shitload of Daling Archers. Woooohoooo!!!!!!1111one!!!
     To the Dalings' right, we find the horsie-birds. Primed and ready for a lick of test-paint to see what needs to be added to their heads. Please notice how I've tried to un-Warhammer them by scraping away the skulls and other things that were "ornamenting" the armour.

Size comparison as promised waaay back. The Mirkwood Palace Guard Captain (still not fully painted, neither Elrond... ) and lord Elrond de la Rivendell. The captain is a bit taller and his head is approximately 20-25% larger than normal plastic warriors - the reason of course being that The Mahood Ansaar Somalis, by Perry Bros, are closer to 30mm than 28mm.

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