Pointless Status Update

This update contains nothing with relevance to neither War of the Ring nor our hobby in general.

I am currently trying to get a new job since I finally quit the old one. I also have some other sort of major things to deal with, so I haven't been doing especially much hobby, except for a few nights ago when I skipped sleeping and instead started to redo the bases on the Harad army. Then off to the party which we call life...

... and back again for some zeds and head on the pillow and catching some z:s and having a little bit of a lay-down. Etcetera... (yes, I know "etcetera" consists of two words, but I honestly have very little patience* people who try to impress me with their one and only little nugget of Latin-knowledge... ). This text suggest I should probably sleep some more. Good night.

*) Euphemism for "dislikes greatly".

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