Mould, phase 2

This is phase 2 in operation Crap-mould of Warriors of Dale.

When removed from the cardoard container, this is how the mould looked like. I continued by cutting loose the models and tidied it up slightly. These figures were already damaged from a previous attempt to make a huge mould, so I didn't really care what happened to these gold nuggets...

... which is the primary reason you can see parts of their fine bows laying to the right in the image above.
    I continued by placing it back in the container, which ideally should've been made out of Legos, believe it or not, and mixed up a small batch of silicone. Around 80 grammes. The first part was made of around 170 grammes. Next step, after curing, is to remove it and cut some vents and pouring holes and this piece of crap is done.
   I have a crapload of work coming up, besides other stuff, so this will be the last post in a while. See you when I see you.

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  1. Looking forward to seeing how these turn out. Hope work goes ok.

    1. Hello! Sorry for the long wait before answer. Work's still hectic!

      In a week or two I'll get some free time to test these effers!