Excerpt from the Hobbit trailer concerning Stone Giants

A long title there... yes, yes, many of you have of course noted this, but I still wanted to post these images. As I am writing this, I realize it looks like a post on some sort of "open minded" website filled with idiotic conspiracy theories and/or uu-eff-oo=@liens*

A Stone Giant throwing rocks and then, what I presume, is a Stone Giant falling.
    And another little image - this have to be the Goblin King (Bolg's father? I really have to re-read the Hobbit, can't remember many details - it was a good little story, that much I remember).

Spoiler-alert? The Goblin King cut in half? Hm, can't remember that either, but Peter Jackson have probably taken good care of the Hobbit. Admittedly, the goblins and the king look really nurgly but I like this disgusting look on them.

Text edited as to not draw attention to this "open minded" crowd, I do not want any unwanted traffic here.

Celebration, part II - the Golden Posts

In a continuing spree of self-absorbtion I have listed a whole bunch of projects that have given me a slight satisfaction bordering to enjoyment. This list was created when looking back at times gone by, and I realized that quite much have been made during these years.

The Plague Cart for Angmar!

Knights of Arnor. Made from Perry Miniatures very good Mounted Men at Arms.
High Elf Chariot.
Queen Beruthiel and Crew. Her hand has since undergone plastic-surgeon.
The Nine are Abroad. The nine ringwraiths, all homemade or based on conversions, on a custom tray.
The Gondor Carroccio-project. This isn't 100% done as of this date. It is also known as the Cart of Everliving Flame.
A small Galadhrim Bolt Thrower. A tiny but entertaining project.
The Golden Regiment of Minas Tirith.
Homemade and (badly) cast goblins. A learning process.
Minas Tirith Field Command - which is done and looks quite allright if I may say so.
Perry Miniatures Men at Arms converted into Mordor Orcs!

Great Beast of Gorgoroth, the Howdah-troubles. Upon re-reading this post quickly, I saw a comment about adding an orc permanently on the beast. This will be done.

The overhaul of the Gobbo army. Goblins, goblins and goblins! This one is soon 100% done. Spiders are being added. Alas, on Saturday, the first raindrops of the storm known as the Hobbit will fall, and I will have to open up the Gates of Moria once more. I guess we may consider the goblin project as a process rather than a project with a definite ending.

The practice to write articles in English: Theming!

Perry Miniatures Mahdist Ansar conversions: Made into Mahûd Warriors.
Painted Knights of Dol Amroth, with a few conversions.
The Púkelman. Or Stone Guardian.
Abrakhan Guard. Unusually colour-full.
King's Champion. Usable for both War of the Ring and LotR/the Hobbit-SBG.

The Ent for the elven project called Edheldu (the meaning of Edheldu have been long forgotten, I think it might be Sindarin for golden-sunray-glade-something-something). Edheldu-project:

Finished Edheldu (97% done, in fact).

--- --- ---

As it now time to turn the page and move on, I will now denounce the (idiotic) use of capital letters when writing things such as orcs, elves and dwarwes. This bad habit comes from reading the rule- and sourcebooks where they use capital letters in the different unit-entries which I in my uneducated fashion mistook for some novel writing-rule in the English language.

Correct me if I am wrong, but one will still write Wood elf, since it is a specific race/nationality? Like Swedes or Americans? But you don't write "Elves" with a capital E, in the same way you do not write "Humans", with a capital H?


Celebration! Four years of blogging! WOOOHOOO!

Here it is, the grand celebratorial post. I have waited with it until the release of the Hobbit just to surf on the happy waves of new miniatures and rules and whatnot

A beutiful sight, and touching, I can admit!

The reason I post this image is because it has been a 4-year anniversary for this blog for a few weeks and I have gone through the old posts and history, and one of the biggest contributors of traffic to this blog is indeed my age-old post of "Where is Waldo?" - nothing has come even close to drawing attention to this blog as that post. Naturally, none of those passing by looking for Waldo stays, but still... they may have found something else.
      Why the llamas?, you may ask. Because when I saw that little llama-person (who is now residing in the sidebar here) I fell in love - how can one be so un-beutiful and still be so proud-looking. So... awesome... this llama personifies everything that is all and well with the world.
     I have always strived to be a kind person, and sometimes I have failed. Very few times, if I may say so. On this blog, occasionally I may have crossed the line and I cannot say I am sorry about that, but still, the angry attacks have decreased dramatically over the years - admittedly, some posts have even been censored or even removed over the years. So I let the un-beutiful llama be my morale compass, even in real life.

Enough with the seriousness: Here's a little list of different things I have found note-worthy (we all like lists don't we) regarding this blog:

- Most Misspelled word: Acutal. It should of course be actual but my sausage fingers have problems with this one.
- Most overused word: Awesome. Sometimes used with irony but more often with a serious tone.
- Most complained about: 1 - The lack of sunshine. 2 - The abundance of workhours.
- Funniest incident: The counterattack of the Covington Choir.
- Least PC-thing: "you have a strong preference to black people" and immediately saying the test is flawed... *sigh*, time to move from this neighbourhood... or stop writing about it on this hobbyblog.
- Most Shocking moment: When I realized this blog had over 200 regular readers - and to think of all the crap I had written.
- Blogging-Epiphany of all times: When I realized I am unsure of the meaning of "epiphany" but still laughs at the joke of Roger from American Dad - "Epiphany. It just sounds like something a minority would name their daughter".
- Least complained about: GW. Women. This surprise me.
- Most terrifying moment: When there was a shoot-out at my neighbour's and no-one gave a rat's ass about it. Wait a moment, I didn't either... hmm. Well, then it must be the time my Great Eagle fell of the table and broke apart! My heart raced!
- Coziest moment: When I found out they were selling Dr Pepper Cherry at the local supermarket! Hobbying + Dr Pepper Cherry equals good times... add some listening to the now dead Podhammer or the well alive and 40K Radio.

Best feedbacker: Mr FoB of Flower of Battle!
Most missed commenter: Shandahar Singh.
Most annoying (in a good way) commenter: Annatar. For being correct on a few occassions *grumble* ;D
Best linker: Dramatic Katastases. And a Polish forum which will feature here when I find the link.
Strangest words learned: Whipper-snapper, spoilsport.

You didn't know this about Llama (and didn't give a shit, either, but now you know): Not only did the Kossacks turn the dark tide (like Martell did way back in the day) flooding their 'hoods back in the day, some of them killed a family from my clan! I have forgiven them, because I wasn't born (this happened 400 around 300 years ago), but the memories are still there. Not really. But my father also tells me about how his great grandmother warned about the "Russians"...
Interesting fact: Sweden have started a majority of the wars with Russia... so... yeah...

Kossacks, just lika an abusive husband, you'll still love them.

---   ---   ---

So, here we are, four years later and +33 000 pageviews and around 100-200 regular readers. Some fall off, and new arrive and some come back. I still haven't learnt the mystic ways of "following blogs", but it will be dealt with. I fixed another template, didn't I? And appearantly have become better at taking pictures (thank you Maximilian).
     I must admit that the knowledge that so many people stop by have helped me slightly in finishing some projects and have definitely spurred me to do some of the more elaborate projects. Many thanks, good readers, for the feedback but most importantly, the fact that you stop by and read and just exist like a counter-weight to all the ungood things out there!

Cheers from the cold North!

Llama, November 2012.

---   ---   ---

I shall end with some interesting comments received in late 2009 and early 2010, which also gave me this:

Banned from google!

As a conscientious gentleman with a flair for the fantastic we hereby invite you to join Psientology (c). Basically, it is the special forces of science-minded religions.

Yours sincerely,

The elected chairs of the most venerable Association of Psientology

-------------------------------------------------------------------And this one:


White Dwarf, December 2012

In Italian, so I haven't read through the whole thing as my Italian isn't really what it should be.

Frontpage: The Hobbit.
Centerfold: The inside of what is likely a representation of the Goblin fortress inside the mountain.
Last page: See image above.

There are a bunch of descriptions and sell-talk about the miniatures, as usual, and some nice pics.
     A whole lot on 40K and of their new fliers - some nice ones, a Necro-flyer that looks really good.
     There's an interview with Jervis Johnson.

And an image of a goblin from what I believe is taken from the movie the Hobbit in the section Questions to the Design Studio (Questa mese nel Design Studio).
    Lastly there's painting examples of goblins and the thirteen dwarwes.


New releases, the Hobbit-goblins and orcs

Forgot to post these in case someone is allergic to GeeDubb's homepage or whatever.

Not unexpected, I really like the goblins. Very much indeed... The orcs look a bit too upright, but they're still great. And the trolls look like I thought they would, from when reading the book as little one.

Need to buy me a WD this month.

So, here's the link for you whom seldomly visit GeeDubb's homepage. I will surely pick up a copy tomorrow. The frontpage is dedicated to the Hobbit!


Angmar army 80% done

Progress of the Angmar army stays within schedule. The models are well painted for the simple scheme that they have - the image doesn't show this, and that's just fine with me, but sometimes I wish I would just seriously try to make some sort of contraption to take better pictures.

Also, reworking the Misty Mountains army (AKA Moria gobbos):

What a mess. What a story, Mark!

I can also inform all you good readers that the next update (probably) will be a grand birthday-celebration for this blog, with some highlights and not-so-happy times of posting here, as well as me sharing some mono-memories from the years gone by. No need for gifts, but they would be appreciated... ;)

Adieu, 'til next time!


Current Projects

This post may be more for myself than for you dear readers. It do however stay within the tradition of this blog. As the years are passing by, I think I will make a little highlights and "downlights" of this blog over the years, of course not forgetting my persistent commenter mr Shandahar Singh who got me banned from google-accounts for 48 hours...
     "Irregardless" (regardless, I've got this phrase in my head from Stewie of Family Guy), the list below is what I will try to work on in December. It seems my boss' boss have started to like me - well, not really like, but stopped disliking me - and have been a real standup guy: He fixed me an increase in my salary of a whopping 2%, which is grand when considering how much the rest of the teamleaders and their possi dislikes me and my closest workmates... The feeling is reciprocated, yet still not with fists, but anything can happen. Boss also got me vacation during the busiest time of our company: Christmas! So I shall enjoy the Hobbit and spend my pay-raise on merchandise from said movie.

To do, within this hobby of ours:

1) Finish the Goblin project. I have made a few simple crystals that will be added to the trays. Some painting is still to be done, as well.

2) Start a new project! But what? Sculpt something? Or finally make the Scarlet Palanquin-thingie which I have made some plans for. Images will be posted soon!

3) I have read through most of the backlog on mr Dramatic Katastase's blog regarding Dwarwes and am thinking of doing something in line of his Shieldbearers... or perhaps copy another idea. The internet is a blessing, indeed :) [a rare smiley only for you, there you go]

4) Make a diorama of Llama's interaction with the Half-Orcs, which happened last Saturday. Or not. The "perps" later attacked and robbed some other poor fellow (of course kicking him in the head when he had blacked-out, as is fashion nowadays) but were arrested. They are now back on the streets, my sources tell me and I am not surprised they will learn nothing. Some people would have it better six feet underground.

5) Finish the Arnor Knights' shields (seven stars!) and renovate the warriors.

Christmas Wishlist

1) Play at least 2 more games before 2012 ends and the world is "transformed man, human beings will like, see things in a totally different way and our consciousness will transcend this whole 'Cosmos' maaan!". Shut your hippie-mouth and go and die, please. Or as internetz slang calls it: SYHMAGAD.

2) Watch the Hobbit on the largest silver screen in town.

3) Aquire some more of the nice Perry Brothers' miniatures.

And finally, a bunch of majestic animals featured in The Cleveland Show...


Crimes, not WotR.

Godday one and all. As life is increasing pressure on its thumbwrenches [-screws!] on which my thumbs are loosely attached to, a man have to make choices. I have had to cut down seriously on my hobby time and it doesn't feel great. Not at all.

So, in an effort to at least keep my toe into the pool of nerdiness, I shall ask you: How much time do you spend on your hobby, on average, each week? Or is it a question of doing a whole lot of hobby-stuff one month, and then do nothing the same? Sort of a periodic-alcoholic?

Other news: Another crime happened outside my home. This time the perps were actually Swedes, they beat up a dog-owner in a Superman-fashion, speeding up by running criminally ugly and then release their "fucking fury" onto said civilian's head. Needless to say, the civilian hit ground. I increased my speed to help the attackers (I dislike dogs greatly) but when I saw the attackers "general appearance" I stopped and let the poor dog-owner run away while I spoke to the two gentle criminals in their 30's and 40's. Let's just say it is indeed a hard business to try to conversate with amphetamined criminals whom, I quote freely "just got out of jail" and "are looking for a party - do you know anyone? Do you? Do you? Do you?".
     I took my merry leave by staring back menacingly, like I do when I have to deal with idiots/dogs and went on with my business by turning my back to them and leave. The civilian got away (he actually felled one of the criminals in a quite impressive fashion, before running away with his wardog (one of those muscle-packages)). All in all a sunshine story: A dog-owner got beaten up and the criminals are now on my geek-radar.
    Yes, I hate my neighbourhood.

 Evil llama-grin.


Vacation done

A short vacation to counter the negative effects of working too much is now concluded. I am back and ready to play some WotR and possibly some SBG. Until later, gentlemen and gentlewomen.

  Edit: Informative image added.


Hiatus, yay!

The small hiatus of hobby in my life is slowly growing to a vacation from hobby, it seems. Overall, November and December will unlikely be time spent well in regards of hobby.
    I did stop by the LFGS and spoke for a brief period with the owner who told me that:

1) No LotR to mention in this month's WD.
2) He can't order MoM anymore.

He didn't know what would replace the MoM. We could both agree that perhaps a replacer would come a week or so after the premier of the Hobbit. It would be interesting to see what would be in this box. Plastics only like MoM, yes. But what figures? Goblins again? Versus dwarwes... ?
    Questions, questions... Something to think about until the movie comes out. The Hobbit is said to air 12th of December in Sweden. That should give GeeDubb plenty of time to release a whole crapload of stuff before Christmas...

In anticipation of the Hobbit.

The second trailer for the Hobbit, which have been out for a while now, but better late than never, though.