White Dwarf, December 2012

In Italian, so I haven't read through the whole thing as my Italian isn't really what it should be.

Frontpage: The Hobbit.
Centerfold: The inside of what is likely a representation of the Goblin fortress inside the mountain.
Last page: See image above.

There are a bunch of descriptions and sell-talk about the miniatures, as usual, and some nice pics.
     A whole lot on 40K and of their new fliers - some nice ones, a Necro-flyer that looks really good.
     There's an interview with Jervis Johnson.

And an image of a goblin from what I believe is taken from the movie the Hobbit in the section Questions to the Design Studio (Questa mese nel Design Studio).
    Lastly there's painting examples of goblins and the thirteen dwarwes.

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