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This post may be more for myself than for you dear readers. It do however stay within the tradition of this blog. As the years are passing by, I think I will make a little highlights and "downlights" of this blog over the years, of course not forgetting my persistent commenter mr Shandahar Singh who got me banned from google-accounts for 48 hours...
     "Irregardless" (regardless, I've got this phrase in my head from Stewie of Family Guy), the list below is what I will try to work on in December. It seems my boss' boss have started to like me - well, not really like, but stopped disliking me - and have been a real standup guy: He fixed me an increase in my salary of a whopping 2%, which is grand when considering how much the rest of the teamleaders and their possi dislikes me and my closest workmates... The feeling is reciprocated, yet still not with fists, but anything can happen. Boss also got me vacation during the busiest time of our company: Christmas! So I shall enjoy the Hobbit and spend my pay-raise on merchandise from said movie.

To do, within this hobby of ours:

1) Finish the Goblin project. I have made a few simple crystals that will be added to the trays. Some painting is still to be done, as well.

2) Start a new project! But what? Sculpt something? Or finally make the Scarlet Palanquin-thingie which I have made some plans for. Images will be posted soon!

3) I have read through most of the backlog on mr Dramatic Katastase's blog regarding Dwarwes and am thinking of doing something in line of his Shieldbearers... or perhaps copy another idea. The internet is a blessing, indeed :) [a rare smiley only for you, there you go]

4) Make a diorama of Llama's interaction with the Half-Orcs, which happened last Saturday. Or not. The "perps" later attacked and robbed some other poor fellow (of course kicking him in the head when he had blacked-out, as is fashion nowadays) but were arrested. They are now back on the streets, my sources tell me and I am not surprised they will learn nothing. Some people would have it better six feet underground.

5) Finish the Arnor Knights' shields (seven stars!) and renovate the warriors.

Christmas Wishlist

1) Play at least 2 more games before 2012 ends and the world is "transformed man, human beings will like, see things in a totally different way and our consciousness will transcend this whole 'Cosmos' maaan!". Shut your hippie-mouth and go and die, please. Or as internetz slang calls it: SYHMAGAD.

2) Watch the Hobbit on the largest silver screen in town.

3) Aquire some more of the nice Perry Brothers' miniatures.

And finally, a bunch of majestic animals featured in The Cleveland Show...

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