Crimes, not WotR.

Godday one and all. As life is increasing pressure on its thumbwrenches [-screws!] on which my thumbs are loosely attached to, a man have to make choices. I have had to cut down seriously on my hobby time and it doesn't feel great. Not at all.

So, in an effort to at least keep my toe into the pool of nerdiness, I shall ask you: How much time do you spend on your hobby, on average, each week? Or is it a question of doing a whole lot of hobby-stuff one month, and then do nothing the same? Sort of a periodic-alcoholic?

Other news: Another crime happened outside my home. This time the perps were actually Swedes, they beat up a dog-owner in a Superman-fashion, speeding up by running criminally ugly and then release their "fucking fury" onto said civilian's head. Needless to say, the civilian hit ground. I increased my speed to help the attackers (I dislike dogs greatly) but when I saw the attackers "general appearance" I stopped and let the poor dog-owner run away while I spoke to the two gentle criminals in their 30's and 40's. Let's just say it is indeed a hard business to try to conversate with amphetamined criminals whom, I quote freely "just got out of jail" and "are looking for a party - do you know anyone? Do you? Do you? Do you?".
     I took my merry leave by staring back menacingly, like I do when I have to deal with idiots/dogs and went on with my business by turning my back to them and leave. The civilian got away (he actually felled one of the criminals in a quite impressive fashion, before running away with his wardog (one of those muscle-packages)). All in all a sunshine story: A dog-owner got beaten up and the criminals are now on my geek-radar.
    Yes, I hate my neighbourhood.

 Evil llama-grin.

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  1. I love these stories. I however suspect that you were actually going to help the dog owner rather than the thugs -- but your dislike of dogs caused this stretch of the truth..

    The Flower of Battle

  2. No, in fact I was going into attack mode against the hero (or what turned out to be the hero), so in a way, I have now tasted the chalice of villain-hood. It tasted like chicken.

    I think you are trying to cast oil onto the waves.

    And for God's sake man, will you comment "happy birthday" on my latest post 4 year anniversary, it's like I invited the whole neighbourhood to a b-day party and no-one arrived! No one wants to be first, in case noboy else arrives