Angmar army 80% done

Progress of the Angmar army stays within schedule. The models are well painted for the simple scheme that they have - the image doesn't show this, and that's just fine with me, but sometimes I wish I would just seriously try to make some sort of contraption to take better pictures.

Also, reworking the Misty Mountains army (AKA Moria gobbos):

What a mess. What a story, Mark!

I can also inform all you good readers that the next update (probably) will be a grand birthday-celebration for this blog, with some highlights and not-so-happy times of posting here, as well as me sharing some mono-memories from the years gone by. No need for gifts, but they would be appreciated... ;)

Adieu, 'til next time!

2 kommentarer:

  1. That's quite a force, the pics look fine to me.

  2. You think so? Hm, maybe I'm so used to the bad lightning that I no longer can tell the difference between an okay image and a supercrappy... *puts thinking hat on*