Excerpt from the Hobbit trailer concerning Stone Giants

A long title there... yes, yes, many of you have of course noted this, but I still wanted to post these images. As I am writing this, I realize it looks like a post on some sort of "open minded" website filled with idiotic conspiracy theories and/or uu-eff-oo=@liens*

A Stone Giant throwing rocks and then, what I presume, is a Stone Giant falling.
    And another little image - this have to be the Goblin King (Bolg's father? I really have to re-read the Hobbit, can't remember many details - it was a good little story, that much I remember).

Spoiler-alert? The Goblin King cut in half? Hm, can't remember that either, but Peter Jackson have probably taken good care of the Hobbit. Admittedly, the goblins and the king look really nurgly but I like this disgusting look on them.

Text edited as to not draw attention to this "open minded" crowd, I do not want any unwanted traffic here.

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