Celebration! Four years of blogging! WOOOHOOO!

Here it is, the grand celebratorial post. I have waited with it until the release of the Hobbit just to surf on the happy waves of new miniatures and rules and whatnot

A beutiful sight, and touching, I can admit!

The reason I post this image is because it has been a 4-year anniversary for this blog for a few weeks and I have gone through the old posts and history, and one of the biggest contributors of traffic to this blog is indeed my age-old post of "Where is Waldo?" - nothing has come even close to drawing attention to this blog as that post. Naturally, none of those passing by looking for Waldo stays, but still... they may have found something else.
      Why the llamas?, you may ask. Because when I saw that little llama-person (who is now residing in the sidebar here) I fell in love - how can one be so un-beutiful and still be so proud-looking. So... awesome... this llama personifies everything that is all and well with the world.
     I have always strived to be a kind person, and sometimes I have failed. Very few times, if I may say so. On this blog, occasionally I may have crossed the line and I cannot say I am sorry about that, but still, the angry attacks have decreased dramatically over the years - admittedly, some posts have even been censored or even removed over the years. So I let the un-beutiful llama be my morale compass, even in real life.

Enough with the seriousness: Here's a little list of different things I have found note-worthy (we all like lists don't we) regarding this blog:

- Most Misspelled word: Acutal. It should of course be actual but my sausage fingers have problems with this one.
- Most overused word: Awesome. Sometimes used with irony but more often with a serious tone.
- Most complained about: 1 - The lack of sunshine. 2 - The abundance of workhours.
- Funniest incident: The counterattack of the Covington Choir.
- Least PC-thing: "you have a strong preference to black people" and immediately saying the test is flawed... *sigh*, time to move from this neighbourhood... or stop writing about it on this hobbyblog.
- Most Shocking moment: When I realized this blog had over 200 regular readers - and to think of all the crap I had written.
- Blogging-Epiphany of all times: When I realized I am unsure of the meaning of "epiphany" but still laughs at the joke of Roger from American Dad - "Epiphany. It just sounds like something a minority would name their daughter".
- Least complained about: GW. Women. This surprise me.
- Most terrifying moment: When there was a shoot-out at my neighbour's and no-one gave a rat's ass about it. Wait a moment, I didn't either... hmm. Well, then it must be the time my Great Eagle fell of the table and broke apart! My heart raced!
- Coziest moment: When I found out they were selling Dr Pepper Cherry at the local supermarket! Hobbying + Dr Pepper Cherry equals good times... add some listening to the now dead Podhammer or the well alive and 40K Radio.

Best feedbacker: Mr FoB of Flower of Battle!
Most missed commenter: Shandahar Singh.
Most annoying (in a good way) commenter: Annatar. For being correct on a few occassions *grumble* ;D
Best linker: Dramatic Katastases. And a Polish forum which will feature here when I find the link.
Strangest words learned: Whipper-snapper, spoilsport.

You didn't know this about Llama (and didn't give a shit, either, but now you know): Not only did the Kossacks turn the dark tide (like Martell did way back in the day) flooding their 'hoods back in the day, some of them killed a family from my clan! I have forgiven them, because I wasn't born (this happened 400 around 300 years ago), but the memories are still there. Not really. But my father also tells me about how his great grandmother warned about the "Russians"...
Interesting fact: Sweden have started a majority of the wars with Russia... so... yeah...

Kossacks, just lika an abusive husband, you'll still love them.

---   ---   ---

So, here we are, four years later and +33 000 pageviews and around 100-200 regular readers. Some fall off, and new arrive and some come back. I still haven't learnt the mystic ways of "following blogs", but it will be dealt with. I fixed another template, didn't I? And appearantly have become better at taking pictures (thank you Maximilian).
     I must admit that the knowledge that so many people stop by have helped me slightly in finishing some projects and have definitely spurred me to do some of the more elaborate projects. Many thanks, good readers, for the feedback but most importantly, the fact that you stop by and read and just exist like a counter-weight to all the ungood things out there!

Cheers from the cold North!

Llama, November 2012.

---   ---   ---

I shall end with some interesting comments received in late 2009 and early 2010, which also gave me this:

Banned from google!

As a conscientious gentleman with a flair for the fantastic we hereby invite you to join Psientology (c). Basically, it is the special forces of science-minded religions.

Yours sincerely,

The elected chairs of the most venerable Association of Psientology

-------------------------------------------------------------------And this one:


4 kommentarer:

  1. 4 years, cor blimey! Well done on all the views.
    I can't say i have comments as odd as yours :/

  2. Thanks man!

    Well, I fed the trolls I think :)

    "Cor blimey" noted... and soon googled and hopefully memorized for future use! ;)

  3. Congrats great Llama!

    I like how we just brush aside your awsum stories with a "Yes, yes, but now let's see those minis!"

    About misspellings and errors: I encourage regular readers to dig up Llama's other grammatical errors. Since he likes to correct other people so its only far we go after him when he for instance writes "have" instead of "has".

    Llama -- let us do a quadrennial podcast to commemorate these four years. Celebrating closet gamers, the Hobbit, and things of that nature. Hear, hear??


  4. Yes let us do a quadrennieal podcast. Hear, hear!

    No, let us not encourage each other to find grammatical errors here :J

    Goodday to you sir.