Hiatus, yay!

The small hiatus of hobby in my life is slowly growing to a vacation from hobby, it seems. Overall, November and December will unlikely be time spent well in regards of hobby.
    I did stop by the LFGS and spoke for a brief period with the owner who told me that:

1) No LotR to mention in this month's WD.
2) He can't order MoM anymore.

He didn't know what would replace the MoM. We could both agree that perhaps a replacer would come a week or so after the premier of the Hobbit. It would be interesting to see what would be in this box. Plastics only like MoM, yes. But what figures? Goblins again? Versus dwarwes... ?
    Questions, questions... Something to think about until the movie comes out. The Hobbit is said to air 12th of December in Sweden. That should give GeeDubb plenty of time to release a whole crapload of stuff before Christmas...

In anticipation of the Hobbit.

The second trailer for the Hobbit, which have been out for a while now, but better late than never, though.

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