Simple Movement Trays

You may have seen these simple movement trays on this blog before. This is how I go about making them:

Get hold of artist's cardboard. Draw lines using an official movement tray as template. Cut with sharp scissors. Paint the edges brown and do the whole PVA+sand. Pimp and paint.
    I shall take back my previous statement of "this will be the overhaul to end all overhauls" regarding the Misty Mountains/Gobbo-army. I will go through it again, fix up the bases and their painting considerably.
    And this goes directly to mr FoB:

WHFB-spiders! Yes, they were on sale on the FLGS and after looking at... can't remember which blog it was, but anyhow, at a certain blog where the guy really made them fit well with his goblin army I decided to take the nerdy plunge!

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