Painting the Cave Drake, part II

But first, a little link to all our Scandinavian readers: Leffe GW P. pratar övervakningssamhälle på ett roande sätt.

Over at Independent Painters, a Cave Drake have featured as well. It has a more creative painting scheme and a little interesting note about the Drake. This model seems to be very differently appreciated. I love it. And I've heard one podcaster/good painter say it is "the best model GW ever made". And another good painter say it is one of the most boring ones. Interesting indeed, I guess the taste varies.

You may notice the eggs and baby-drake was omitted. They didn't fit well in with the rest of the army. There's a little bit left to do, like painting the rim of the base etc etc, but it's soon done. I enjoyed painting this immensly.

Better picture will follow, but I just wanted to show this little error which I spotted first after looking at Independent Painters (where they got it right): The spiny spikes on her back have been bent and I missed it totally.

More links: This is going out to FoB, who just came home from abroad (you didn't happen to go to Angola, did you?) - nice images from Afghanistan.

2 kommentarer:

  1. I like the classic green look,very nice paintjob.

  2. Many thanks, Viruk! I will get a better pic when the sun comes along!