Painting and basing a Cave Drake, part one

I finally started painting the metal beast. It is such a great sculpt. As always, the paintscheme is: Vanilla!

I will give this beast all the time she need. There has to be a lot more work on the beige-white parts of the body and the face still is underworked - especially the eyes.

The "tentacles" by the head are just in the beginning phase of painting.

Painting-process: Black undercoat - Tamiya X-1 Black. GW green and bleached bone. Then a lighter green basecoat followed by another slightly lighter basecoat (can't call it a highlight). Then an overbrush with light green followed by a dark green wash. Then another (brownish) was added and then another wash, a very dark brown. And then built the colours up again and finished with a drybrush - I haven't drybrushed in exactly three years but it really worked well with the scales!
    As you may understand, I never had any special plan for the painting. But the result so far stands exactly where I wanted it to stand. Now it is time for the size 2/0 Kalinsky brush!

The base will get a similar work like the other goblin-trays done for my Misty Mountains-army. I intend to give the base some sort of more lively colour as the whole model and its base is quite boring. Indeed, this Llama likes his stuff boring and bland, but this model's just too good to keep simple and (almost) boring.

If I had the place to put another one, I would surely buy me a new one to make an awesome diorama with fallen dwarwes (in red clothes and shields)!
      That's it for tonight and good night fellas!

Oh yeah, almost forgot: The seems of the different parts of the model is clearly visible, but I can't be bothered with that, I just wanted to paint it - but looking at these pictures it really winds me up...

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